Raspberry Pi Hit by Cyber Attack

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The Web site of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which promotes the teaching of computer science in schools, was recently taken down by a DDoS attack.

At 2:44pm on March 5, Raspberry Pi tweeted, "We're being DDOS'd at the moment - very sorry if you can't see the website. If it goes on, we'll try to get some more capacity in tomorrow."

Soon after, the organization added, "For those interested, this one's quite hardcore: we're seeing a SYN flood from a botnet that seems to have about a million nodes."

And later, Raspberry Pi sarcastically acknowledged that the attack was of course justifiable, tweeting, "Well, we *are* horrid, what with our focus on education and charity and everything. Boo to irritating do-gooders."

In response, Arbor Networks' Jeremy Nicholls told The Register, "It’s sad to see the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity with a good cause at its heart, has been the focus of a vicious attack. This stunt goes to highlight the unfortunate fact that any organisation, of any size and nature, is vulnerable. The explosion of inexpensive and readily-accessible attack tools is enabling almost anybody to carry out DDoS attacks."