The latest best practices and technologies for securing endpoints.

  • Top 6 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solutions (Full Comparison)

    Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are a priority for IT departments because of their ability to protect sensitive data. Find your DLP solution now. Read more

  • VDI vs VPN vs RDP: Choosing a Secure Remote Access Solution

    VDI, VPN, and RDP technologies all have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to secure remote access solutions. Discover which is best for your organization. Read more

  • What Is Secure Remote Access?

    Secure remote access is a critical component of any organization’s security strategy. Learn more about its benefits and best practices. Read more

  • How to Prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks

    Discover powerful methods to prevent cross-site scripting attacks and keep your website secure. Learn how to defend against XSS vulnerabilities effectively. Read more

  • How DMARC Can Protect Against Phishing & Ransomware

    Learn how DMARC protects users from ransomware and other threats delivered through email. Read more

  • How to Use Input Sanitization to Prevent Web Attacks

    Despite all of our investments in security tools, the codebase can be the weakest link for any organization’s cybersecurity. Sanitizing and validating inputs is usually the first layer of defense. Attackers have been using classic flaws for years with a pretty high success rate. While advanced threat actors have more sophisticated approaches such as adversarial… Read more

  • ESET PROTECT Review: Features & Benefits

    Like many cybersecurity vendors, ESET continuously innovates to stay competitive as illustrated by the constant improvements to their flagship cloud-based endpoint protection platform, ESET PROTECT. The company and this product have earned their mention on our lists of top endpoint detection and response (EDR) products and full disk encryption. This article looks at the key… Read more

  • REMnux: The Linux Toolkit for Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

    REMnux is a free community distribution that ethical hackers, security researchers, and many other security pros can leverage to build their own labs and speed up malware analysis. Whether you’re new to these specialties or an experienced investigator, REMnux contains many helpful Debian packages and configurations to perform advanced tasks, such as: We’ll examine the… Read more

  • Top Network Detection & Response (NDR) Solutions

    In the race to offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, the product known as network detection and response (NDR) is a standalone solution as well as a central component of XDR. Whereas older solutions like antivirus, firewalls, and endpoint detection and response (EDR) have long focused on threats at the network perimeter, the intent of NDR is… Read more

  • Highly Sophisticated Malware Attacks Home and Small Office Routers

    Security researchers have uncovered an unusually sophisticated malware that has been targeting small office/home office (SOHO) routers for nearly two years, taking advantage of the pandemic and rapid shift to remote work. Such routers are rarely monitored or up-to-date, making them attractive targets for hackers to reach adjacent corporate networks. According to Lumen’s Black Lotus… Read more

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