eSecurity Planet Editorial Policy

We at eSecurity Planet have one goal: To give IT security professionals the information they need to do their jobs as best as they possibly can. To accomplish that, we conduct rigorous, independent product analysis to give readers security product recommendations they can trust, and we use our vantage point to bring to light the trends and threats that will help cybersecurity pros defend their cloud and on-premises environments both today and in the future.

Our mission is to provide the best, most trustworthy, and most actionable advice for security professionals, whether they’re in the midst of a cyber crisis or in the market for new security tools. We strive to provide both critical takeaways for readers who are in a hurry, and in-depth analysis and insights for those conducting deep research into products and issues.

eSecurity Planet and Sponsored Content

Our partners and sponsors fund our high-quality journalism and product evaluations, but they do not influence our coverage or editorial decisions. They understand that our value comes from our commitment to providing the best answer to our readers — and that the trust that readers have in us brings the highest-quality security professionals to our site.

The insights and product analysis that appears in our articles reflects the judgment of our editors and writers that this is information our readers need to know — and it passes through multiple layers of review before it appears on our pages. While we have decades of experience in IT, cybersecurity, and IT journalism, we continuously strive to stay on top of evolving technology and threats. Our collegial staff passionately debates matters big and small to make sure that we give readers the best information and answers to questions they may be asking — or should be asking.

eSecurity Planet and AI

Our judgment is not informed or influenced by AI. We conducted an analysis of our work against ChatGPT and found that our human analysts and reviewers so far surpass what AI is currently capable of that any shortcuts would be a disservice to our readers. What you read on our pages is the painstaking analysis of our editors, writers and analysts.

Cybersecurity is a critically important area for all of humanity, and we invest considerably in our content to bring our readers the best possible information. In the interest of transparency, here is a list of partners who have sponsored our work.

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