Email Spoofing: What it Is & How to Prevent It

Learn what email spoofing is, how it works, and key email security techniques and tools to block it.

Cisco Warns of Multiple Flaws in Small Business Series Switches

Cisco is warning that nine significant vulnerabilities in its Small Business Series Switches could enable unauthenticated remote attackers to cause a denial-of-service condition or execute arbitrary ...

How to Prevent SQL Injection: 5 Key Prevention Methods

A SQL injection is an attack on a website's back end. Discover how to protect your website and its database from SQL injection attacks.

Western Digital Cyber Attack a ‘Wake Up Call for ASIC Vendors’

Update: In a statement on the extent of the data breach disclosed last month, Western Digital said it has control of its digital certificate infrastructure and is "equipped to revoke certificates as ...

Microsoft Flaws Include Secure Boot Bypass, System-Level Takeovers

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for May 2023 fixes two actively exploited vulnerabilities, including a Secure Boot bypass and system-level takeover.

ChatGPT Security and Privacy Issues Remain in GPT-4

GPT-4 has many of ChatGPT's malicious capabilities, in some cases even enhancing them.

Misconfigured Registries: Security Researchers Find 250 Million Artifacts Exposed

Development teams are exposing critical data and secrets online. Here's what to do about it.

Attackers Continue to Leverage Signed Microsoft Drivers

In December of last year, Microsoft worked with SentinelOne, Mandiant, and Sophos to respond to an issue in which drivers certified by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Developer Program were being used t...

How UPX Compression Is Used to Evade Detection Tools

Compression is a great way for hackers to hide malware and render it undetectable. Here's what to do about that.

Windows CLFS Vulnerability Used for Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for April 2023 targets 97 vulnerabilities, seven of them rated critical – as well as one that's currently being exploited in the wild. The one flaw that’s currently being...

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