1Password vs LastPass: 2024 Business Password Manager Comparison

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1Password and LastPass are password managers that target a range of customers, from small businesses to large enterprises. Both tools perform the core tasks of managing passwords and login capabilities to improve user protection. In my comparison, you can learn about the features and determine if the LastPass focus on user experience or the 1Password focus on security is better for your needs.

  • LastPass: Best for ease of use and teams of 10-50 users ($4 per user per month for Teams license, $7 per user per month for Business license)
  • 1Password: Best password management security features and capabilities ($19.95 flat fee for up to 10 Teams users per month, $7.99 per user per month for Business license)

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1Password vs LastPass at a Glance

Compare 1Password and LastPass basic pricing and a sampling of their similarities and differences here, then examine their details further below:

1Password logo.LastPass logo.
Price*Teams: $19.95 flat fee/month for 10 users
Business: $7.99/user/month
Teams: $4/user/month
Business: $7+/user/month 
Endpoint SupportWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, watchOS, AndroidWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, watchOS, Android
Browser PluginsChrome, Firefox, SafariChrome, Firefox, Safari
Recovery OptionsEmergency Kit, Other user recoveryBiometrics, one-time password, admin policy, and more
Secure Password SharingSingle password, password group sharingSingle password, password group sharing
Breach HistoryNo breaches Multiple significant breaches
Free Family Accounts**5 family members 5 family members 
Visit 1PasswordVisit LastPass

* Billed annually
**Each paid Business license user will receive five free personal Family accounts for themselves and for up to five family members to spread and promote better password hygiene.

I find that both 1Password and LastPass provide strong password management solutions. LastPass provides better pricing options for smaller businesses and organizations focused on ease of use. However, once adding in multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) security options for Business licenses, 1Password becomes both less expensive and the option with better overall security based on the six major criteria and our scoring methodology.

1Password icon.

1Password Overview

Best for Enterprise Policies, Customer Support Contact Options, Security Performance & Additional Security Features

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

  • Pricing: 2/5
  • Core Features: 5/5
  • Customer Support: 4.6/5
  • Enterprise Management: 3.7/5
  • Security: 4.9/5
  • Extras & Perks: 4.3/5

The popular 1Password password management solution provides robust capabilities to store and share passwords, login information, and other secrets such as credit card numbers or scanned documents. The features offered will satisfy a range of needs, from smaller businesses to large enterprises.

Originally, 1Password developed each version (macOS, Windows, Android, etc.) with a different programming team, which led to many OS-specific versions with inconsistent features written in different programming languages. In the current version, 1Password uses a common code core for all versions for consistent features and user experience across all platforms. However, as of 1Password 8, the solution no longer supports local password vaults.

Pros & Cons

Adds 128 bit secret key to master passwordSecret key increases new user complexity 
Only secure user account recovery optionsNo self-administered recovery options
More security-focused extrasSignificantly more costly for 10-50 users

Key Features

  • Guest accounts: Enables content and password sharing for five (Teams license) to twenty (Business license) consultants, customers, and vendors without license fees.
  • MFA and SSO support: Includes account access or app access support for authenticator apps (Duo, Okta, etc.), security keys (YubiKey, Titan, etc.), and more.
  • Travel mode: Hides selected vaults while traveling to prevent unauthorized access in the event of device loss, theft, or seizure.
  • Privacy card: Creates single-use or single-purpose credit card numbers to enable safer, more secure transactions because card usage is strictly defined.
  • Developer secret management: Helps app developers to prevent secrets from leaking into code repositories by using IDE extensions for APIs, databases, and apps.
LastPass icon.

LastPass Overview

Best for Pricing & Ease of Use

Overall Rating: 3.6/5

  • Pricing: 3.4/5
  • Core Features: 4.9/5
  • Customer Support: 3.7/5
  • Enterprise Management: 3.6/5
  • Security: 2.5/5
  • Extras & Perks: 1.8/5

The widely used LassPass password solution provides solid password security management with desired basic features such as wide support for a variety of operating systems, device synchronization, and password auto-fill or autosave. These features combine with ease of use to make LastPass attractive to a wide range of small and large customers.

LastPass suffered a series of highly publicized breaches in 2015 and 2022 in which attackers accessed user email addresses, password reminders, and encrypted user vault data. Attackers guessed and exploited some customers with weak master passwords to steal as much as $35 million from cryptocurrency accounts. To offset customer security concerns, LastPass achieved FIDO2 certification for their servers in January 2024.

Pros & Cons

Easier self-service account recovery optionsHistory of security breaches
Faster and easier installation and use Not as many security features 
More affordable for Teams licenses of 10-50 usersEase of use impairs security 

Key Features

  • Easy account recovery: Helps users who forget their master passwords to use SMS texts, biometrics, account hints, or emails to quickly regain access to vaults.
  • Fast installation: Improves user adoption because app or browser plug-ins install quickly and don’t require emergency requirement kits or secret keys.
  • No-password login: Provides a top user experience by saving master key passwords to the local device; however, this also risks the theft of the encrypted key.
  • Affordable pricing: License up to 500% of the number of Teams users or save $1 per month for Business users (without MFO and SSO add-ons) compared to 1Password.

Best for Pricing: LastPass

1Password logo.LastPass logo.
Teams Monthly Pricing$19.95 flat fee for 10 users$4 per user, up to 50 users
Business Monthly Pricing$7.99 per user $7 per user
MFA, SSO Included in Business licenseRequires $2 to $3 additional subscription fees
Enterprise PricingAvailable, not disclosedAvailable, not disclosed. Flat fee site license available
Free Trial14 days14 days
Billing FlexibilityAnnual billing; monthly billing available with extra feeAnnual billing only
Visit 1PasswordVisit LastPass

Winner: LastPass offers a less expensive option for smaller companies and for companies of all sizes that don’t need extra security features.

1Password offers the best deal for Teams licenses between 3 and 10 users and includes both MFA and SSO support in the $7.99 per month per user fee for Business licenses. The solution also offers the option to pay monthly for an additional fee.

1Password Business Free Trial

Only LastPass offers Teams licensing for 11 to 50 users and their Business customers save $1 per license per month for the basic password management features. LastPass requires MFA and SSO add-on licenses that increase the business price to $9 to $10 per user per month to use these features for site logins. 

LastPass Business Free Trial

Best for Core Features: 1Password

1Password logo.LastPass logo.
Device SupportWindows, macOS, iOS, Linux, watchOS, AndroidWindows, macOS, iOS, Linux, watchOS, Android
Browser SupportChrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and moreChrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and more
Recovery OptionsEmergency kit, other userBiometrics, admin policy, one-time password, and more
Secure Password SharingSimple and secureSimple and secure
Password Autosave,  Autofill, and GenerationSupports all with easy-to-use capabilitiesSupports all with easy-to-use capabilities
Security PoliciesRobust capabilities for teams and business licenses5 preset policies for teams, 100+ for business licenses
Visit 1PasswordVisit LastPass

Winner: 1Password just edges out LastPass in this category because of a greater variety of security policies for Teams license customers.

1Password supports a wide variety of devices and browsers and enables the password sharing, autofill, auto generation, and autosave options needed in an effective password manager. Compliance teams will appreciate the ability to define, enforce, and report on master password and site password requirements for minimum length and character variety.

1Password Advanced Password Security Policy Options

LastPass also supports a wide variety of OS, browsers, and devices to enable near universal user participation and robust sharing capabilities. It surpasses 1Password with the variety of options and the customer experience to recover account master passwords by using email hints, biometrics, one-time passwords, and more. 

LastPass Master Password Request Screenshot

Best for Enterprise Management Features: 1Password

1Password logo.LastPass logo.
Supports Group SharingEasy to setup and manageEasy to setup and manage
AD Integration / ID Federation / IAM SupportIncluded with business licenses onlyIncluded with business licenses only
Bulk Account Upload / ApprovalsIncludedIncluded
Monitoring & ReportingIncluded with business licenses onlyIncluded with business licenses only
Migration SupportIncluded with business licenses of 75 users or moreIncluded with business licenses only
Developer Secret ManagementIntegrated developer support for additional feesNot available
Visit 1PasswordVisit LastPass

Winner: 1Password edges out LastPass in this category primarily for the availability of developer secret management.

1Password offers Business license subscribers important enterprise features such as Active Directory (AD) integration, group sharing, bulk account upload and approvals, migration support, and robust monitoring and reporting. For enterprises with application development, 1Password also offers an add-on service to manage and control developer secrets such as API tokens, application keys, and private certificates.

1Password Secrets Automation Screenshot

LastPass similarly offers competitive enterprise setup and migration support for business license customers. The solution also offers extensive integration for identity (AD, Azure, etc), SSO (Salesforce, Slack, etc.), and security information and event monitoring (SIEM) solutions.

LastPass Directory Integration Options for Business License

Best for Customer Support: 1Password

1Password logo.LastPass logo.
Real-Time Rapid Support Options
(Phone, Slack, etc.)
Phone support noted24/7 phone support
Asynchronous Support Options
(Web Tickets, Social Media, etc.)
24/7 support via web ticket, social media, community forum, and email (encrypted email option)24/7 web ticket support
Self-Help SupportWeb library, community forumWeb library, community forum
Dedicated Enterprise Customer Service SupportAvailable for customers with 75+ Business licensesAvailable, no details publicized
Visit 1PasswordVisit LastPass

Winner: 1Password wins the customer support category over LastPass, with slightly more customer support options.

1Password provides customers with robust site status information, self-help options, dedicated enterprise customer service support options, phone support, and 24/7 web tickets. Additionally, it offers 24/7 support via social media, community forum, and email for all customers and dedicated enterprise customer service support for clients with more than 75 business licenses.

1Password Status Screenshot

LastPass offers 24/7 support via phone and web ticket, self help via a web library and a community forum, and a detailed site status website. LastPass also offers dedicated enterprise customer service support but doesn’t provide any details for how to qualify for the benefit.

LastPass Status Screenshot

Best for Security: 1Password

1Password logo.LastPass logo.
Password CheckerSecurity Dashboard, password breach notificationPassword Strength Meter, password breach notification
MFA SupportIncluded; requires free authenticator app (Authy, Okta, etc.) or security key2FA, MFA for vault included, workstation and websites require extra fees
SSO Support Requires business account, Okta, Duo, and website MFA included without extra feesRequires business account and extra add-on fees
Biometric SupportSupports device biometricsSupports device biometrics
Master Password ProtectionPBKFD2-SHA-256, multiple rounds + salting +128-bit secret key; no master password storagePBKFD2- SHA-256, multiple rounds + salting; no master password storage
Breach HistoryNo known breachesMultiple breaches or vulnerabilities disclosed in 2015, 2016, 2022
Visit 1PasswordVisit LastPass

Winner: 1Password includes more security features in the base subscription price and implements more security measures overall than LastPass.

1Password includes security-critical MFA and SSO website and application login support at the price of the Business license. Additionally, it adds a 128-bit secret key to the SHA-256 hashing algorithm for a user’s master password to ensure that even stealing a password from 1Password’s cloud storage would be useless.

1Password Secret Key Information

LastPass offers a number of security features that match 1Password, such as biometric support, a strong password checker, security dashboards, and dark web monitoring for password breaches. Unfortunately, LastPass also suffered repeated breaches and vulnerability disclosures over the past decade that eroded the trust of security-conscious customers.

LastPass Business Password Security Dashboard

Best for Extras & Perks: 1Password

1Password logo.LastPass logo.
Free Family Accounts5 per Business license5 per Business license
Travel ModeYesNot available
Virtual Payment CardsYesNot available
Guest Accounts5 per teams license, 20 per business licenseNone listed
Flat Fee Site LicenseNone notedAvailable, contact LastPass for details
Visit 1PasswordVisit LastPass

Winner: 1Password explicitly offers more extras and perks to improve security than LastPass.

1Password offers 5 free family accounts for each Business license, which can spread good security habits to family members and protect users’ personal accounts. Additionally, it provides perks such as travel mode, privacy cards, and well-defined guest account access that provide additional security measures. 

1Password Privacy Card setup

LastPass likewise provides 5 family accounts for each business user license but does not provide similar security perks or additional features. However, Last Pass offers flat-fee site licenses for larger customers.

LastPass Family Benefit for Business Accounts

Who Shouldn’t Use 1Password or LastPass

Password managers provide effective user access protection to satisfy network security needs for businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies of all sizes. 1Password and LastPass provide robust solutions, but other solutions might better fit for specific needs.

Who Shouldn’t Use 1Password

Here are some instances where 1Password may not be the best solution for you:

  • Companies that want local password vaults: 1Password stores account information in USA, Canada, and Germany cloud data centers with no local vault support.
  • Security teams needing code review: The code for 1Password can’t be reviewed, which may cause concerns for those security pros that insist on full code examinations.
  • Users that prefer maximum ease of use: Maximized security causes some users frustration and other tools can improve the user experience.

Who Shouldn’t Use LastPass

Here are some instances where you may want to consider a LastPass alternative:

  • Organizations with MFA requirements: Some compliance requires full MFA and SSO support, which will cost extra for each LastPass business license.
  • Developer teams with secrets to manage: LastPass doesn’t effectively store, manage, or share API keys, SSH keys, and database keys for application development.
  • Organizations focus on security: The user experience focus tends to weaken LastPass security and a compromised device can potentially compromise an account.

3 Best Alternatives to 1Password & LastPass

The three main reasons to select an alternative to 1Password and LastPass will be price sensitivity, a preference for open source, or the need for a locally hosted vault in the organization’s own data center. Each of these alternatives, Bitwarden, NordPass, and Passbolt, addresses one or more of these reasons.


BitWarden icon

The Bitwarden business account options include unlimited Teams accounts priced at $4 per user per month and Enterprise accounts priced at $6 per user per month. The Enterprise license compares favorably against both 1Password and LastPass business license capabilities and supports a full range of OS, browser, and device options. Bitwarden doesn’t charge extra for MFO and SSO, is open source, and Enterprise customers can self-host their password vault.

Bitwarden Screenshot


NordPass icon

The NordPass Password solution provides price-sensitive customers with a strong option through an aggressively-priced $3.99 Business license for 5 to 250 users or a $5.99 Enterprise license. Both plans are priced per user per month and billed annually, with additional potential discounts available for multi-year commitments. The Enterprise plan includes MFA, SSO, and AD integration to provide a feature-competitive solution to both 1Password and LastPass.

NordPass Screenshot


Passbolt icon.

The open-source Passbolt password manager solution provides a low-cost local host alternative. Passbolt offers a free Community Edition with support for users and groups management, MFA, and role-based access control. An upgrade to the Business license adds a minimum of $49 per month for 10 users, billed annually for AD integration, SSO support and next business day support.

Passbolt Screenshot

How We Evaluated 1Password vs LastPass

To rigorously compare the password management solutions from 1Password and LastPass, I created a comparison of criteria for core password management features, security capabilities, customer support, business pricing, enterprise business management features, and extras and perks. Each criterion contained weighted subcategories to create a five-point rating scale for each criterion and for the solution as a whole.

Core Password Management Features – 35%

A password management solution must deliver the fundamental features to protect access to the password manager, websites, applications, etc. This results in a heavy weighting for this most important evaluation criteria. The criteria contained many sub-components with the most weight placed on where the solution can be used (endpoint, mobile, and browser support), autofill and autosave options, and passwordless and MFA support.

Security – 20%

As a security tool, security carried the second heaviest weight in the evaluation. Security encompasses both the breach history and security features built into the tool such as password checkers, MFA support, SSO support, biometric support, and master password protection.

Customer Support – 15%

Busy IT teams need professional support to solve issues promptly, so customer support earns a slightly heavier weight than the other remaining criteria. The components evaluated include real-time support options (phone, Slack, chat, etc.), time-delayed support options (web tickets, email, social media, etc.), self-help support, service status information, customer support hours, and the availability of dedicated enterprise customer support.

Business Pricing – 10%

The value of the password solution depends on the product price compared to the needs of the organization. To reflect the varied levels of need, we separately evaluated the teams pricing, business pricing, the number of users supported in the teams tier, free trial availability, and billing flexibility (monthly or annual).

Enterprise Business Management Features – 10%

As organizations grow, features need to enable small teams to manage and service large numbers of users. These enterprise management features include group setup and sharing, identity federation and integration, bulk user upload and approval, monitoring and reporting, migration support, and developer support.

Extras & Perks – 10%

Ninety percent of a purchasing decision should depend on core features and functionality, but extras and perks can provide an improved experience. For this criteria, we evaluated the availability of extras such as added family accounts, travel mode, virtual payment cards, guest accounts, passkey support, and flat fee site licenses.

Bottom Line: 1Password vs LastPass

For a strong and secure password manager, select 1Password. If security isn’t a core need, LastPass provides a strong contender that potentially offers more value to smaller companies or enterprises unconcerned with MFA and SSO logins. Either solution provides a strong solution in a very competitive space with many other solutions, but no matter which solution you choose, be sure to pair password management with strong user and group security management.

Still crave more perspective about similar solutions? Consider reading how 1Password compares against Bitwarden, Dashlane, or Keeper or how LastPass compares against Bitwarden or Dashlane.

Kaiti Norton contributed to this article.

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