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  • Photo of headphones with multi-colored books in between ear pieces.

    9 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts for Security Pros

    Cybersecurity podcasts are an easy way to immerse yourself in the world of SecOps. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can catch up on the latest news and hear analysis from experts in the field or take a deep dive into a major cybersecurity story or concept. The best part? You can listen while […]

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) with machine deep learning and data mining and another modern computer technologies UI by hand touching CPU icon.

    AI in Cybersecurity: How It Works

    There’s a never-ending battle going on between cyber defenders and attackers, and this plays out with security products too: As soon as a security vendor develops a way to mitigate the latest threat, attackers are busy finding a way around it or a new threat to take its place. To try to gain an edge […]

  • Image of business person unlocking their phone. Meant to represent Bitwarden vs. Lastpass comparison.

    Bitwarden vs LastPass: Compare Top Password Managers

    If you’re looking for a password manager for your business, Bitwarden and LastPass might be on your list of potential solutions. Both vendors will help you and your employees store access credentials, improve password health, and share sensitive information securely. However, there are certain advantages each solution offers that might be better suited to your […]

  • Photo of chain with lock around green door. Meant to symbolize challenges with zero trust security.

    Zero Trust Can’t Protect Everything. Here’s What You Need to Watch.

    Zero trust architecture is an emerging technology in cybersecurity that offers an alternative to the traditional castle-and-moat approach to security. Instead of focusing only on your perimeter to defend against attacks from the outside, zero trust assumes that threats are ubiquitous and pervasive. Therefore, each user, device, and application within your network must verify that […]

  • Graphic comparing NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

    NordVPN vs ExpressVPN: Which VPN Should You Choose?

    If you’re shopping for an enterprise VPN, there’s a good chance NordVPN and ExpressVPN are on your list. Both vendors offer competitive VPN solutions that enable you and your employees to use the internet while maintaining privacy. However, each option offers its own advantages over competitors. To determine which VPN is the best choice for […]

  • Image of hacker wearing a mask sitting behind a computer. Meant to symbolize social engineering attacks.

    What are Common Types of Social Engineering Attacks?

    Social engineering is a common technique that cybercriminals use to lure their victims into a false sense of security. Usually, social engineering involves impersonation, deception, and psychological manipulation that ultimately creates an environment where a victim feels either comfortable or pressured to share sensitive information or perform a specific action. As social engineering tactics become […]

  • Image of Dashlane password manager logo. Dark turquoise on white background.

    Dashlane Review: Pricing & Features

    Dashlane is a password management software that’s popular for business and personal uses alike. The company was founded in 2009, and the first software edition was released in 2012. Like many other password managers, Dashlane makes it easy for users to create new passwords and store existing ones in a secure vault. Internet security best […]

  • Illustration of Gay Pride Flag in Binary Code.

    Tech’s LGBTQ+ Report Card: A Long Road Ahead for DEI

    Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964—which has historically applied to race, color, religion, sex, and national origin—also protects gay and transgender workers. This landmark ruling means members of the LGBTQ+ community cannot be discriminated against in hiring, firing, and promotion decisions. But the absence of discrimination doesn’t mean […]

  • Dashlane versus 1Password comparison.

    Dashlane vs. 1Password: Which Password Manager is Best?

    Dashlane and 1Password are two of our top picks for password managers in 2021. They offer many similar features, including password generation, automatic form-filling, password analysis, and dark web monitoring. Both tools make it easy for users to create and store passwords and share them safely with other users. If you’re reading this, you’re probably […]

  • Photo of Dashlane vs. LastPass logos.

    Dashlane vs LastPass: Compare Top Password Managers

    Dashlane and LastPass are two of the biggest names in password management software. They both provide businesses secure vaults for sensitive information, including passwords, credit card details, and personal identification numbers. Both vendors offer solutions that are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Since 2008, LastPass has given users a platform that’s supremely […]

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