Best LastPass Alternatives: Compare Password Managers

Password managers play an important role in maintaining a strong security profile, and LastPass is certainly on our list of Best Password Managers & Tools. However, LastPass isn’t a perfect solution for everyone. Alternative password managers offer a number of advantages over LastPass depending on your business needs.

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About LastPass

LastPass is a leading password management solution for business and personal use. Its unique  features make it ideal for larger enterprises, but it’s also easily scalable for smaller organizations.

There are two editions for professional users, Teams and Business. The Teams edition is appropriate for small businesses that need a basic password management tool, and the Business edition is suitable for businesses that want advanced security tools like multi-factor authentication (MFA) or single sign-on (SSO).

A major drawback with using LastPass, however, is its track record with corporate hacks. Since the company’s launch in 2008, LastPass has reported numerous security breaches that range in severity from vulnerabilities in browser extensions to full-blown breaches. The most notable LastPass hack happened in 2015, when users’ email addresses, password reminders, and authentication hashes were compromised.

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Top LastPass alternatives

1 Dashlane

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Dashlane offers features like SSO, password sharing, and directory integration to help you safely manage passwords for your business. Securing your company’s data starts with each individual employee. It’s why we designed Dashlane to be easy for you to deploy and simple for your team to use—no matter how tech savvy they are.
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2 ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

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ADSelfService Plus offers self-service password resets and account unlocks, MFA for endpoint and cloud app logins, password expiration reminders, a password policy enforcer, a self-service directory updater, a multiplatform password synchronizer, and SSO for cloud apps. It supports IT help desks by reducing password reset tickets and spares end users the frustration of downtime. Use the Android and iPhone mobile apps to provide self-service for end users anywhere, anytime.
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If LastPass doesn’t seem like a perfect fit for your business, consider one of the following alternatives.


Especially compared to LastPass, 1Password has a much better reputation for its security standards. Both tools use local AES-256 encryption, which is the industry standard for preventing attackers from accessing stored passwords.

However, 1Password has demonstrated more transparency with its history of third-party security audits. LastPass solicits third-party security firms to perform audits and pentests as well, but they aren’t as forthcoming as 1Password with the results of those audits. With 1Password, you’ll have a better view of the vendor’s security preparedness.


Dashlane is well-known for the bonus features it offers. In addition to basic password management capabilities, Dashlane offers business users compelling extras like a personal account, public WiFi VPN, and SAML-based SSO for no extra charge.

LastPass, on the other hand, makes it difficult to manage personal and business information without switching back and forth between separate accounts. You’ll also have to pay more for SSO and 2FA with LastPass, and you’ll need to look for a separate provider entirely for a VPN. Dashlane is the better choice if you want to get more for your money.

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If you can’t make LastPass work within your budget, Bitwarden might be a better solution for you. It’s one of the most affordable options on the market, especially if you only have one or two employees. Even for larger organizations with more complex password management needs, the Teams or Enterprise editions offer impressive features like text and file sharing, 2FA, API access, and SSO.

One of the reasons Bitwarden is so popular is that it’s an open source software. The source code is hosted on Github, where anyone can review, audit, and contribute to the codebase to make it stronger. This means you don’t have to only rely on the security knowledge of Bitwarden developers—there’s an entire community of cybersecurity experts who continuously scrutinize Bitwarden’s codebase with a fine-tooth comb.


Keeper is one of the top-rated password managers for user experience. It has a clean, intuitive design that’s consistent no matter what device or browser you use. You can easily import passwords from other popular password manager applications or built-in password managers, so you can get started with Keeper right away. 

Keeper also offers a wide range of optional add-ons, including BreachWatch, Keeper Chat, file sharing, and advanced reporting. The best part is that each add-on is priced on a per-user annual basis, so it’s an affordable way to get exactly the features you want. If you want a password manager that has a more intuitive and customizable UX than LastPass, Keeper might be the right choice for you.

Compare top password managers

LastPass is a popular choice in the password manager market. It has a lot of advantages, especially for large organizations that want to implement advanced cybersecurity tools like MFA and SSO. However, it’s not a perfect solution for all businesses. There are alternative password managers that are more affordable or may offer better features, security, or user experience when compared to LastPass. To compare these tools and others, check out our round up of Best Password Managers & Tools.

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Kaiti Norton
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