Articles by Paul Rubens 

TrueCrypt Getting a New Life

TrueCrypt will stay alive, thanks to devotees who are forking the encryption program's code. 'Cleaned up' code will get a new name, CipherShed, and a different open source license.

Startup Spotlight: Threat Detection Specialist ThetaRay

Israeli security startup ThetaRay promises to detect zero-day attacks, hidden APTs and other threats in seconds by simultaneously analyzing all security and operational data sources.

For Bank, Mobile Device Management Offers Benefits – Some Unexpected

Massachusetts' Needham Bank enjoys a bevy of benefits thanks to its mobile device management system.

Internet of Things a Potential Security Disaster

Experts believe the Internet of Things will be highly insecure, at least in the early days.

Mobile Device Management: The Buying Basics

Mobile device management (MDM) can help enterprises minimize security risks associated with BYOD. Here is what you need to know if you plan to purchase an MDM system.

Are TrueCrypt Users Screwed?

When developers of the TrueCrypt disk encryption program warned the open source project was insecure, it left users hanging. Fortunately, there are TrueCrypt alternatives.

Hackers Using DDoS to Distract Infosec Staff

Hackers are increasingly using DDoS attacks as a kind of 'smokescreen' that helps them carry out data breaches.

Are Anti-Malware's Days Numbered?

Anti-malware software can't spot all malicious code. Is  isolating end-user tasks through virtualization a better approach to security?

Managed Security Services' Role in Cloud Security

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is a good option for cloud security, say experts.

How to Buy Static Analysis Tools

Static analysis tools can help software developers produce more secure applications. Here is what you need to know when evaluating such tools for your organization.

3 Tools for Enforcing Password Policies

User passwords are often a weak link in the corporate security chain. How can security pros make users adhere to strong password policies?

10 Bitcoin Security Tips

Bitcoins have the potential to revolutionize business payment transactions. But they also have some security shortcomings. Here are 10 tips for keeping Bitcoins secure.

6 Tips for Stronger Encryption

In the wake of revelations about NSA backdoors in encryption systems, organizations must do everything they can to ensure their encryption is as strong as possible.

7 Security Trends to Expect in 2014

From increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks to stuxnets to insider threats, companies have plenty to worry about when it comes to enterprise security in 2014.

How to Prevent DNS Attacks

Hackers like the Syrian Electronic Army are finding weaknesses to exploit in the Domain Name System. Here's how to keep your organization from falling victim to a DNS attack.

13 Hot Security Startups to Watch

There is always a batch of enterprise security startups with clever technologies poised to be purchased by Infosec giants. Here are 13 interesting security startups to keep an eye on.

White Hats for Hire Find Software Bugs

Companies that lack the resources to run their own bug bounty programs may want to consider a bug bounty as a service program.

How Big Data Analytics Can Boost Network Security

While Big Data analytics will probably never replace existing network security measures like IPS and firewalls, it can help reveal breaches that might otherwise have gone undetected.

Digital Certificate Dangers, and How to Fight Them

While digital certificates play a vital security role, they also present security risks. A certificate management system is a good way to mitigate many of those risks.

Will PRISM Impact Data Protection Strategies?

As details of the National Security Agency's PRISM program continue to emerge, how concerned should enterprises be about government requests for data?

4 Tips for Cloud Compliance

Moving data to the cloud can be scary, as you must ensure cloud providers handle it in a way that meets regulatory requirements. Four best practices can help.

5 Tips for Fighting DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are growing in size and intensity. What can you do to fight them?

BYOD Fuels NAC Comeback

The BYOD boom is leading to a revival of network access control (NAC) technology, as more companies employ NAC to secure their networks.

6 Emerging Security Threats, and How to Fight Them

Hackers are nothing if not creative, so it's important for enterprise security pros to educate themselves about emerging security threats like these six.

Anti-Virus Isn't Enough: 7 Steps to Discourage Hackers

Anti-virus software is no longer a match for today's threats. Here's what your business needs to stay protected.