950,000 Coachella User Accounts Being Sold Online

Email addresses, user names and hashed passwords are being offered for sale for $300.

An unidentified hacker calling himself Berkut is selling more than 950,000 user accounts for the Coachella music festival, including email addresses, user names and hashed passwords, calling the info a … more »

TrapX Discovers MEDJACK3, Updates DeceptionGrid Security Platform

New form of medical device attack is underway, but there are already ways to defend against the new incursion.

76 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Plan to Increase Security Spending in 2017

90 percent of U.S. healthcare organizations feel vulnerable to data threats, a recent survey found.

Ransomware Dips but Remains 'Evolving Menace'

Microsoft detects a drop in ransomware encounters toward the end of 2016 but warns against growing complacent.

Where Do Venture Capitalists See Security Opportunities?

VCs from Trident Capital Cybersecurity, Elephant, Glasswing Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures discuss where they see the opportunity to profit.

Verizon Presents Technical Breach Information in a New Way with Breach Digest

VIDEO: Bryan Sartin, Managing Director of the Verizon RISK Team detailS some of the highlights of the report and the broader VERIS methodology for detailing data breaches.

62 Percent of Companies Store Sensitive Customer Data in the Public Cloud

And almost 40 percent of cloud services are commissioned without the involvement of IT, a recent survey found.

26 Percent of IT Pros Admit Sharing Passwords

And just 55 percent believe their company's current technology investment is sufficient to ensure security, a recent survey found.

RSA 2017: Business-Driven Security, Defending the IoT and a Digital Switzerland

The IT security industry responds to a growing cloud ecosystem, IoT's expanding reach and a rise in nation-state cyberattacks.

RSA Conference: Lessons from a Billion Breached Data Records

Legendary breach reporter Troy Hunt details some of things he has learned  from working with more than a billion publicly dumped records.

74 Percent of Companies that Suffer a Data Breach Don't Know How It Happened

And just two thirds of IT pros say their current IT security budget is sufficient, a recent survey found.

Global Shortfall of 1.8 Million Cyber Security Pros Expected by 2022

45 percent of companies say the cyber security skills shortage is causing breaches, a recent survey found.