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  • UEBA: Protecting Your Network When Other Security Systems Fail

    User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is a valuable tool for detecting signs of malicious activity within your network. UEBA monitors the activities of users and entities (such as hardware devices and networks) and compares present activity to “normal” or “baseline” behavior. Using advanced statistical analysis and, in some cases, machine learning algorithms, the aim […]

  • How to Control API Security Risks

    The enterprise use of APIs (application programming interfaces) is exploding, as more and more businesses embark on digital transformation and look for ways to make money by exposing their data to outsiders through apps, websites, and other third-party integrations. The downside to all those APIs is they can pose a major IT security risk. “APIs […]

  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) Meaning

    Privileged accounts pose a serious security problem. Anyone who has access to one has the potential to use those administrative privileges to harm your organization in a number of ways, such as altering data, deleting or downloading databases, or creating unauthorized new administrative accounts. The security risk is not just a theoretical one: Recent security […]

  • UTM Appliance Definition

      A unified threat management device, or UTM security appliance, can provide a comprehensive and easily managed security solution for small and mid-sized organizations at reasonable cost. See our picks for Top UTM vendors. UTM appliances provide an alternative approach to building a security solution from several different point products, often from different vendors. These point […]

  • What Is SQL Injection and How Can It Hurt You?

    In a SQL injection attack, an attacker submits to a website information that has been deliberately formulated in such a way that it results in that website misinterpreting it and taking unintended actions. More specifically, the website interprets the data submitted by the attacker as a database command, which it then executes. If the command […]

  • Open Source Patch Management: Options for DIYers

    CVE-2017-5638 is the code vulnerability that will long live in the corporate memory of Equifax, the credit ratings agency. A simple patch management system might have kept that vulnerability from turning into one of the most high-profile data breaches in recent memory. CVE-2017-5638 is a remote code execution bug that affects the Jakarta Multipart parser […]

  • How to Achieve an Optimal Security Posture

      The perfect IT security solution is one that makes an enterprise completely secure and “unhackable,” where no unauthorized parties can get onto the network, access confidential data, deny service to legitimate users, or otherwise carry out any malicious or unwanted activities. Anyone who reads the security news these days knows that perfect security is […]

  • Ransomware Insurance: Cyber Insurance May Be the Best Protection

      Many business leaders had been unaware of the severity of the ransomware problem until the WannaCry attacks in mid-2017 raised its profile significantly. In fact, ransomware has been around for several years, and has become the fastest-growing cause of cyber insurance business claims, according to data compiled by CFC Underwriting. The company says ransomware […]

  • Forcepoint: CASB Product Overview and Insight

      See our complete list of Top CASB Vendors. Company information Forcepoint (formerly Websense) was founded in 1994 and is owned by defense contractor Raytheon. Forcepoint CASB is based on Imperva’s CASB, after Forcepoint acquired Imperva’s technology in February 2017. Imperva’s CASB was in turn the result of its acquisition of Skyfence in January 2014. […]

  • Cisco Cloudlock: CASB Product Overview and Insight

      See our complete list of Top CASB Vendors. Company information Cloudlock was founded in 2011 and began shipping its CASB in October 2013. The company was acquired by Cisco in June 2016. Target market Organizations with more than 1,000 employees. Notable Features Cisco Cloudlock integrates with many existing Cisco security solutions, including its NGFW, […]

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