Bitglass Cloud Security: CASB Product Overview and Insight

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Bitglass began shipping its CASB product in 2014 and remains independent. Its focus is on sensitive data discovery, classification and protection. It also includes several document management and protection capabilities, such as watermarking and encryption methods that support searching and sorting functions in SaaS applications. Bitglass Next-Gen CASB is aimed at SMBs to large enterprises.

Notable features

  • A combination of forward proxies, reverse proxies and API-integrations into cloud apps
  • Real-time threat protection that is capable of detecting zero-day malware at upload, download, and at rest using machine learning
  • Searchable cloud encryption that protects cloud data-at-rest
  • Zero-day Shadow IT Discovery automatically scrutinizes applications on the fly. Unmanaged app security renders any application read only, allowing employees to use the tools they need while preventing data leakage

Supported platforms and apps

Any cloud application or workload, including SaaS apps like Office 365 and Salesforce, IaaS platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP, as well as private cloud apps.

Use cases

Bitglass has found particularly strong interest in heavily regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare.

Size limits

There are no user number or throughput limits – Bitglass is deployed in AWS and is fully scalable.

Delivery method

Bitglass is primarily deployed as a cloud service, but can also be deployed via software installed on on-premises servers in certain niche use cases.

Technology (API, proxy or hybrid)


Deployment time

Bitglass can be deployed in an average of under 90 days.


Starts at $2 per user per month for breach discovery and log analysis, with additional protections costing more.

Paul Rubens
Paul Rubens
Paul Rubens is a technology journalist based in England, and is an eSecurity Planet contributor.

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