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  • Linux Hardening – Quick Wins

    The best way to ensure that your Linux server is secure is to build it from scratch with a minimum amount of code that can be exploited by a hacker — a custom compiled kernel and the bare minimum of packages needed for the server to do its intended job.   But what if you […]

  • Ten Tips to Make Your SSL Secure

    If your SSL server have misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities that make it insecure, follow these ten tips to avoid common SSL security mistakes.   1. Disable support for SSL v2 – This version of the SSL protocol was shown to be insecure over 15 years ago, but many web servers still support it. Disabling it […]

  • How to Encrypt a USB Flash Drive

    If you carry corporate information on a standard USB flash drive and it gets lost or stolen, the resulting data breach can be catastrophic. That’s why you should carry your data on an encrypted flash drive. In fact, in many cases the use of an encrypted flash drive is required for regulatory compliance or data […]

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