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  • Endpoint Detection and Response Selection Tool

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions are one of the most important tools in the IT security arsenal, offering continuous monitoring and response to stop advanced security threats. But picking the right EDR solution for your business can be a daunting task. We’re here to help. Answer a few simple questions to find out which… Read more

  • BYOD Blamed for Massive Cryptocurrency Breach

    The personal information of about 30,000 customers of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb was recently exposed when a Bithumb employee’s home computer was hacked, according to Yonhap News. While Bithumb says no passwords were stolen, Yonhap reports that some customers lost funds as a result of the attack. Brave New Coin reports that the… Read more

  • Considerations for Adding FIDO U2F to Your Security Protocol

    By Maxim Sovetkin, Itransition Millions of email and social networking logins and passwords become public almost every month. You don’t have to be an IT guru to realize that a password, no matter how complicated, is no longer an adequate security tool. The way users choose services is changing, adding more strains on security protocols.… Read more

  • 3 Noteworthy Windows Server 2016 Security Features

    Most of the press surrounding the release of Windows Server 2016 has focused primarily on new features such as containers and Nano Server. While these new capabilities are undeniably useful, the bigger story with the Windows Server 2016 release is Microsoft’s focus on security. Admittedly, it is easy to dismiss claims of enhanced operating system… Read more

  • Top 10 Ways to Secure a Windows File Server

    It’s a pretty safe bet that your company is storing valuable and confidential information on one or more Windows file servers right now. What may be less obvious is to what extent those servers have been appropriately hardened and locked down to protect the data from unauthorized access. If you’re not sure where to begin,… Read more

  • How to Protect Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

    Because many modern security systems rely on users’ personal information, also known as PII, or personally identifiable information, a data breach can potentially weaken your security posture not just in a single context, but in all contexts. Stefan Frei, Ph.D., research vice president at security research firm NSS Labs , and Bob Walder, NSS Labs’… Read more

  • Apple Secures Mac OS X with Mavericks Release

      Apple updated its OS X desktop and server operating systems this week with the 10.9 Mavericks release. Mavericks includes over 200 new features and a long list of security updates. Most of the security components in the Mavericks release are not currently available in the most recent OS X 10.8 update, which provides a… Read more

  • How to Protect Macs in the Enterprise

    If you’ve ever consulted with a computer security expert and they seemed a little paranoid, consider it a good thing – paranoia is an essential component to effective security. Conversely, lack of paranoia is a risk factor, which is a key weakness in security for Mac computers –particularly in the enterprise. Mac OS X has… Read more

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Browser More Secure

    While installing antivirus software is a good start to safe Internet browsing, it’s only a start. There is much more you can do to help protect yourself when browsing the Web than merely installing antivirus. Here I’ll share a couple ways. In this article you’ll discover extra security features in Firefox and Chrome, sandboxing to… Read more

  • How to Prevent Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Attacks

    Preparing a defense against sophisticated, high-profile attacks is obviously a necessity in today’s cybersecurity landscape. But this doesn’t mean you can forget about the low-hanging fruit – the simpler, more elementary attacks that may not make headlines but can still lead to disaster. After all, even the ninja well versed in advanced martial arts can… Read more

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