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  • Which Browser is the Most Secure?

    Editor’s Note: An updated version of this article can be found here: Which Browser is Best for Security? For as long as there has been more than one browser, users have been asking which browser is more secure. Answering the question has often led to an evaluation of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities and determining how long… Read more

  • Amazon Claims Silk Browser Can Offer Enhanced Security

    Because Amazon’s cloud-based Silk Browser encrypts all traffic between users and Web sites, the company says, it can improve security when being used over unprotected Wi-Fi networks. “In a dialog with digital rights watchdog the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Amazon tried to alleviate some of the fears associated with Silk’s split-browser architecture,” writes PCWorld’s Lucian… Read more

  • Fraudulent SSL Cert for Google Revoked

    SSL is supposed to protect web users by encrypting data. When it comes to trusting an SSL certificate, Web browsers rely on authoritative certificate authorities (CA) that validate the authenticity of a given SSL certificate. But what happens when a CA issues a fraudulent SSL certificate? This week, certificate authority DigiNotar was found to have… Read more

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