The latest best practices and technologies for securing endpoints.

  • How Machine Identities Can Imperil Enterprise Security

    Managing machine identities has never been more critical to an enterprise’s cybersecurity. Machine identities now outnumber humans in enterprises, according to Nathanael Coffing, co-founder and CSO of Cloudentity. Without thorough visibility and proper management of machine-to-machine communications, all those machines can become a huge security issue. Gartner’s list of the top security risks and trends… Read more

  • Windows 11 Security Features & Requirements

    Windows 11 started rolling out on October 5 for personal devices, but most businesses are unlikely to get access to the upgrade until the middle of 2022. Regardless of when you get Windows 11, you’ll need to know what security features are included and available, so you can effectively implement it across your organization. The… Read more

  • NSA, CISA Release Guidance for Choosing and Hardening VPNs

    The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have released guidance and best practices for securing virtual private network (VPN) solutions. VPNs, an important security tool in an era of widespread remote work, are entry points into secured networks that bad attackers frequently try to use in malicious assaults. Because… Read more

  • Securing Home Employees with Enterprise-Class Solutions

    The number of employees working remotely skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many companies appear likely to continue with a hybrid work model when things return to normal. Remote work poses unique risks not addressed by traditional corporate network security, so it’s only natural that enterprise security vendors have been targeting work-at-home employees with more… Read more

  • Holes in Linux Kernel Could Pose Problems for Red Hat, Ubuntu, Other Distros

    A pair of vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel disclosed this week expose major Linux operating systems that could let a hacker either gain root privileges on a compromised host or shut down the entire OS altogether. The two flaws – CVE-2021-33909 and CVE-2021-33910, respectively – were disclosed by vulnerability management vendor Qualys in a pair… Read more

  • Microsoft Security Under Scrutiny After Recent Incidents

    Microsoft is struggling through a rough July for security issues even as the company continues to add more cybersecurity capabilities through acquisitions. The software giant earlier this month issued an emergency update in Windows after researchers at cybersecurity vendor Sangfor published a blog about a security flaw dubbed “PrintNightmare.” Sangfor had published the exploit code,… Read more

  • FireEye, Mandiant to Split in $1.2 Billion Deal

    FireEye is selling its core cybersecurity products to a group led by private equity firm Symphony Technology Group (STG) in order to focus on its Mandiant threat response and services business. FireEye’s products span network, email, endpoint and cloud security, and the vendor has been pursuing an XDR platform approach to unite them all. The… Read more

  • MITRE Protection Tests Shed New Light on Endpoint Security

    MITRE added a new wrinkle to its latest endpoint detection and response (EDR) evaluations, a test of endpoint security products’ ability to stop an adversarial attack. Previous MITRE evaluations and the first part of the latest evaluation, Carbanak+FIN7, focused on the ability of vendors to detect attacks and alert security staff. That detection approach focuses… Read more

  • Bitdefender Review: EDR and Antivirus Security Solutions

    Enterprise antivirus software helps keep confidential enterprise data as secure as possible. Malicious actors try to take advantage of penetrable cybersecurity measures and gullible employees to gain access to enterprise networks. Once malware infects a device in an enterprise network, the virus can spread to other computers on the same network and create havoc by… Read more

  • Latest MITRE EDR Evaluations Contain Some Surprises

    MITRE Engenuity last month released the latest MITRE ATT&CK evaluations of endpoint security products, and the results contain some pretty big surprises. MITRE doesn’t analyze or comment on the evaluations and instead just makes the data available for vendors and cybersecurity buyers to use as they see fit. That said, the raw numbers alone contain… Read more

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