Mobile Security 

64 Percent of Security Pros Can't Stop a Mobile Data Breach

And 51 percent believe the risk of mobile data loss is equal to or greater than that for PCs, a recent survey found.

Identity and Access Management: Balancing Access and Security

In an era where hackers seem to have the upper hand, organizations can take greater control of networks and data with Identity and Access Management (IAM). We outline IAM security technology and solutions and discuss how to utilize it to protect your business.

BYOD: Understanding Bring Your Own Device Security Risks

The Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, era has redefined the modern corporate landscape. Learn about the risks - and the tools you can use to securely embrace BYOD.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM): Securing Corporate Data on Mobile Devices

When it comes to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Mobile Device Management (MDM) isn't enough anymore. That's what Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is all about.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Controlling Network Access for Mobile Devices

Learn what Mobile Device Management MDM) is all about and why it's being supplanted by Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

Major Security Flaws Uncovered in Samsung's Tizen Operating System

The OS is in use on a wide range of devices, including Galaxy Gear smartwatches and Z1, Z2 and Z3 phones.

Different Types of Malware and How to Defend Against Them

Cybercriminals use many different types of malware to attack systems. Here are some of the most common malware types and how to defend against them. We define everything from adware to worms and everything in between.

CASB 101: How Cloud Access Security Brokers Can Make Your Data More Secure

More companies are moving sensitive data to the cloud, increasing the need to secure that data. One popular approach is called a cloud access security broker, or CASB. Find out more about CASB technology and products here.

Apple Attributes Alleged iCloud Hack to Password Reuse

The allegedly compromised account information may have come from the LinkedIn breach.

Network Access Control: Restricting and Monitoring Access to Your Network and Data

Network access control lets IT departments determine which users and devices have authorized permissions, adding another level of security to the network and its data.

TrackVia Combines Low-Code Apps with Security Best Practices

The drive to digital transformation encourages use of low-code application development platforms, but these tools often overlook security, leaving enterprises exposed to unknown threats. TrackVia injects security back into the application development equation using a low-code platform that speeds development yet institutes protection.

Multi-Factor Authentication: A Critical Security Tool for Enterprises

Multi-factor authentication provides a more secure option than passwords and ID alone. We take a comprehensive look at MFA security, two-factor authentication, mobile authentication, biometrics and vendors, and issues to consider before adopting an MFA solution.

Over 153,000 Users Were Hit by Mobile Ransomware in 2016

Last year saw a volume of mobile malware equivalent to half of all the malware detected over the previous 11 years, according to a recent report.

Skycure Brings Mobile Threat Intelligence to Microsoft EMS

A new integration allows Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security customers to protect their mobile devices against sophisticated threats.

NetMotion Leverages Software-Defined Trend to Secure Mobile Devices

NetMotion Mobility combines provisioning, governance and security into a package any network admin could love.

Ransomware App Found in Google Play Store

The app demanded 0.2 Bitcoins in payment from infected users.

Bitglass Raises $45M to Advance CASB Technology

Cloud Access Security Broker vendor to use funding to help grow global go-to-market efforts.

66 Percent of U.S. Consumers Have Given Their Phone Passcodes to Others

One in four said something embarrassing has popped up on their phone while someone else was holding it, a recent survey found.

3 Ways CISOs Can Partner with Chief Data Officers

The CISO and the chief data officer must work well together, given the importance of secure data access. Here are tips for fostering a C-suite partnership.

5 Tips on Using OAuth 2.0 for Secure Authorization

OAuth 2.0 can be an effective authorization method. Here we offer tips on implementing and using an OAuth 2.0 authorization server using the OWIN framework.

Mobile Device Infections Surged by 96 Percent in First Half of 2016

And smartphones accounted for 78 percent of those infections, according to Nokia.

What Citizen Developers Should Know About Mobile Security

The rise of citizen developers creates more mobile security concerns. What can enterprises do to ensure mobile apps are secure?

5 Freaky but Real Application Security Threats

There are some new application security threats in town, and they are pretty scary.

94 Percent of IT Pros See Free Wi-Fi Hotspots as a Significant Security Threat

Sixty-two percent ban their mobile workers from using free Wi-Fi hotspots, a recent survey found.