Mobile Security 

Fake Anti-Virus App Gets 10,000 Downloads on Google Play

The app was briefly the top new paid app on Google Play, but it did nothing at all.

Lookout Warns of Litecoin-Mining Android Malware

The malware leverages infected devices to mine for Litecoin, Dogecoin and Casinocoin.

Top Apps for Boosting Mobile Security

Carriers of both iOS and Android mobile devices can improve their mobile security with apps that offer help with password management, encryption and other security best practices.

Touchlogging Represents a Real Mobile Risk

Trustwave researcher warns about the risk of touchlogger applications on IOS and Android

RiskIQ Reports 388 Percent Increase in Android Malware on Google Play

The company says 12.7 percent of all apps on Google Play in 2013 were malicious, up from just 2.7 percent in 2011.

CA Aims to Improve API Security

Modern Web and mobile apps tend to use external resources, often called via an API, making the API a critical control point for security. That is why CA is addressing API security with new products.

FireEye Warns of New Call-Blocking Android Malware

The malware is designed to steal text messages and block incoming phone calls from specific numbers.

Hack Wickr, Win $100,000

The company says any  hacker who uncovers and responsibly discloses a critical security flaw in the app will be given a reward of up to $100,000.

Silent Circle, Geeksphone Intro Privacy-Focused Smartphone

The device, called Blackphone, will run a custom build of Android named PrivatOS.

Almost Half of All Government Employees Put Agencies at Risk via Mobile Usage

More than one in four government employees say they haven't received mobile security training.

Unwiped Mobile Devices a BYOD Risk

Just 16 percent of adults who use mobile devices for work wipe data from old devices when they get a new one. It's important to educate employees about the BYOD risks this creates.

Playing It Safe with BYOD

Employees want to bring their own devices (BYOD) to the office. But are some mobile devices more secure than others?

57 Percent of Enterprises Have Lost Devices Containing Sensitive Data

A SailPoint survey also found that 45 percent believe employees would sell company data for the right price.

78 Percent of Leading Android, iOS Apps Have Been Hacked

Still, that's better than last year, according to Arxan Technologies.

BYOD Should Begin with Business Case

Despite the risks of not making security policies central to enterprise BYOD and mobility programs, many organizations are ignoring this best practice.

Can Biometrics Make a Comeback?

Biometrics promised to bring security to everything from transactions to systems usage. Yet biometrics never saw broad adoption. Can biometrics finally go mainstream?

iOS Point-of-Sale Devices Pose Security Risk

New research considers security implications of mobile point-of-sale applications on Apple's iPhones and iPads.

86 Percent of Mobile Apps Lack Adequate Security

An HP study also found that 18 percent send user names and passwords via HTTP.

Oracle Buys Bitzer Mobile

'A perfect landing,'  Bitzer CEO Naeem Zafar tweeted.

Data Breach Roundup: October 2013

Data loss related to theft and loss is on the rise, says security expert Ryan Kalember, thanks to the huge popularity of smartphones and tablets.

Apple iOS7 Management vs. MDM

Though Apple has added MDM-like features to iOS7, many enterprises will find they still need third-party mobile device management solutions.


The 2013 IBM Chief Information Security Officer Assessment identifies a few areas of weakness, including BYOD policy, in modern IT security.

How to Bake Better Security into Applications

Mobile and cloud-based apps create new vulnerabilities, which makes it more important than ever for developers to make their code more secure.

63 Percent of U.S. Adults Don't Know What Financial Data Is On Their Smartphones

Still, according to a recent survey, more than half don't lock their mobile device with a PIN.

Over 80 Percent of Smartphones Aren't Protected from Malware

Still, according to Juniper Research, almost 1.3 billion mobile devices will have security software installed by 2018.