• Best Security App for Android

    As Android devices continue to surge in popularity, the recently disclosed Stagefright vulnerability, affecting 950 million devices, served as a strong reminder of how crucial it is to keep a close eye on security, particularly if your Android phone or tablet holds sensitive information. In terms of Android security apps, there’s now an embarrassment of… Read more

  • Unlocking Smartphones: PINs, Patterns or Fingerprints?

    Losing your smartphone can result in a catastrophic security breach. After all, these devices are potential treasure troves of confidential corporate and personal information waiting to be exploited by anyone who comes across them. Because of this a mobile device security industry has sprung up over the last few years, offering everything from simple data… Read more

  • Apple Watch Security Risks (and Benefits)

    The Apple Watch is arriving in the enterprise in increasing numbers, and it’s here to stay. According to a recent 451 Research survey of Apple Watch owners, 87 percent of respondents are either somewhat or very satisfied with the device and 79 percent say it either meets or exceeds their expectations. With 83 percent of… Read more

  • Apple vs. Android: Mobile Security Pros and Cons

    Just like the BetaMax and VHS video wars of a few decades ago, there are staunch proponents and loyal users of Android and iOS (Apple)-based products. But unlike videocassettes and recorders, Android and Apple products carry personal, financial and other valuable information that hackers covet and work hard to obtain, using a combination of malware… Read more

  • How Secure is Apple Pay?

      Apple Pay was launched on Oct. 20 and, thanks to all the media excitement, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the first mobile payment system to be introduced to the world. In fact there are plenty of others, most notably Google Wallet and Softcard. Another system, called CurrentC, is being developed… Read more

  • How Microsoft Handles BYOD

    The “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) phenomenon has picked up quite a bit of steam over the last year, matching the uptick in tablet ownership and usage patterns. Tablets have graduated from personal content consumption devices into full-blown productivity tools. With the release of Microsoft Office on the iPad came another influx of users wanting… Read more

  • Mobile Device Management ROI Calculator

    Determining the return on investment for enterprise software is not always complicated. It’s fairly easy to determine the savings generated by using applications that remove time and/or manual steps from routine business processes. Calculating ROI for mobile device management solutions can be tricky, though, because MDM involves benefits that may not be easy to quantify.… Read more

  • Hack Wickr, Win $100,000

    Secure messaging app provider Wickr recently announced a new bug bounty program under which it will pay as much as $100,000 to any hacker who uncovers and responsibly discloses a critical security flaw in its app that compromises the confidentiality or integrity of user data (h/t VentureBeat). “We will also consider paying the same amount… Read more

  • Avira Mobile Security Review: Features & Setup for Android

    Android security is becoming more and more important with each passing day.  An AV-Comparatives investigation published in August revealed over 7,000 dangerous apps in third-party Android app stores.  Conducted between November 2012 and May 2013 across 20 major third-party app stores, the research found that nearly 95 percent of the malware came from stores hosted… Read more

  • Inside the Bluebox Android Master Key Vulnerability

    Every security researcher dreams of the day they can find one master vulnerability that acts like a skeleton key to unlock an entire system. Jeff Forristal, aka Rain Forest Puppy, has found this kind of vulnerability in Android, the wildly popular mobile operating system. The vulnerability involves a feature that is intended to actually help… Read more

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