Browser Security 

How to Limit Heartbleed Risk Today

What can you do to reduce your risk from Heartbleed? eSecurity Planet has got you covered.

Microsoft Surprises With Internet Explorer Patch Tuesday Update

Microsoft expands the number of security bulletins and tackles 24 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.

Google Updates Chrome 30 for 50 Security Flaws

Google doubles the number of vulnerabilities it has fixed in new browser release.

Microsoft Patches TrueType Font and IE Flaws

Microsoft's July Patch Tuesday yields a long list of fixes, including a patch for an IE zero-day flaw first disclosed in June.

Opera Software Attacked, Code Signing Cert Stolen

Browser vendor is breached, but is it an SSL issue?

Microsoft Patches 19 IE Vulnerabilities

Microsoft is out with its latest Patch Tuesday update and once again, the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser gets lots of attention.

Microsoft, Feds Take Down Citadel Botnets

How did Microsoft shut down the notorious Citadel botnet ring, which stole more than $500 million from victims?

Inside the Eye of a Microsoft 0-Day

FireEye discovered two of the most notorious zero-day vulnerabilities in recent months. How did the security company do it?

What's Next for Mozilla Firefox Security?

What's new and what's coming that will secure the open source browser

IE Is Focus of Microsoft's May Patch Tuesday

Microsoft issues 10 security bulletins, including critical IE flaws, in May security patch.

Microsoft IE 8 Hit by Zero Day Flaw

New zero day flaw in IE8 is identified as being the root cause of attack against the U.S. government.