Next-Generation Firewall Project Center

Thanks to increased use of Web applications, traditional firewalls may no longer satisfy the security needs of your organization. If you are considering a next generation firewall (NGFW), the free resources in this IT Project Center can help you build a business case, evaluate products from leading vendors and learn from the best practices of organizations that have successfully deployed NGFWs.

Introduction & Case Studies

Technical overview of next-generation firewalls and real-world examples of NGFW deployments.
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  • Next Generation Firewalls: An Introduction

    What's a next generation firewall and why do you need one? In an age when many employees require access to Web applications to get their ...more

  • Next Generation Firewall Case Study - Blackrock Clinic

    When Irish hospital Blackrock Clinic switched from a traditional firewall to a next generation firewall solution, the enhanced visibility into its network traffic helped it ...more

  • Next Generation Firewall Case Study: Collinsville School District

    A next generation firewall solution from HP TippingPoint helped the Collinsville Community Unit 10 School District prioritize network traffic and protect its network from security ...more

  • NGFW Business Case Download Bundle

    Considering a next generation firewall (NGFW) solution? With the resources in this download, you will better understand what a NGFW is and why you need ...more

Buying Guide

The most important buying criteria for your NGFW purchase
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  • Next Generation Firewall Buying Guide

    Because next generation firewalls are a relatively new solution, chances are your IT organization does not have much experience in evaluating them. This comprehensive Buying ...more

Product Comparison Matrix

Compare essential features across leading vendors' NGFW products.
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  • Next Generation Firewall Product Matrix

    This Product Matrix helps you quickly and easily compare the next generation firewall solutions of top vendors. From features to form factor to price, this ...more

RFI & RFP Templates

Request for Information (RFI ) to identify solutions and Request for Proposal (RFP) to select the right one.
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  • NGFW RFI: Seeking Next Generation Firewall

    Interested in a next generation firewall? The first step is creating a Request for Information (RFI), which will help your organization clearly outline the goals ...more

  • Next Generation Firewall Request for Proposal

    You've created a list of potential vendors with next generation firewall solutions. A Request for Project (RFP) will help you select the one best suited ...more