Q1 2013 Saw Massive Innovation in Android Malware

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F-Secure recently released its Mobile Threat Report for Q1 2013, which notes that the first quarter of 2013 saw the first Android threat distribution via e-mail spam, the first targeted Android attacks, and the first Android advanced fee fraud scam.

Those innovative attacks included the Stels Android Trojan, which is distributed via spam e-mails, along with the targeting of Tibetan human rights activists via e-mails containing an Android-malware-infected attachment.

"I’ll put it this way: until now, I haven’t worried about my mother with her Android because she's not into apps," F-Secure security advisor Sean Sullivan said in a statement. "Now I have reason to worry because with cases like Stels, Android malware is also being distributed via spam, and my mother checks her email from her phone."

The number of new mobile threat families and variants rose by 49 percent from the previous quarter, from 100 to 149. Fully 91.3 percent of those threats targeted Android devices, while 8.7 percent targeted Symbian.