McAfee Updates Mobile Security Software

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McAfee this week announced several enhancements to its McAfee Mobile Security software.

"McAfee's Mobile Security app for Android smartphones had previously warned users of what permissions were being given to apps and scanned for malware," writes The Inquirer's Lawrence Latif. "Now the firm has updated the app to contact a database of approved apps. According to McAfee the Mobile Security app checks with the firm's Global Threat Intelligence Network to report what data the app might be sending out. Just as before, the firm said the app also warns users about the permissions requested by the app, though Google already offers some of that information on its Google Play app store."

"The software should also protect customers against financial fraud, identity theft and viruses, it said," writes Computerworld's Loek Essers. "The new security suite also allows users to filter their App Alert notifications in apps that are using permissions the user deems important, and it checks if apps are associated with risky URLs, McAfee said, adding that McAfee Labs has discovered that approximately five percent of apps in its database are associated with risky URLs."

"Android apps can ask for 124 types of permissions -- these apps could be invading your privacy and exposing your personal life," McAfee vice president of engineering Luis Blando said in a statement. "With McAfee Mobile Security, consumers can now filter their App Alert notifications to just those apps that are using permissions of interest or concern to the user."