Carrier IQ Faces Privacy Lawsuits

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Four lawsuits have been filed against Carrier IQ, claiming that the company's software violates mobile phone users' privacy.

"A lawsuit filed today in federal court in San Jose, Calif., alleges that Carrier IQ 'is involved in installing spyware on mobile phones and using that hidden software to siphon off private consumer data without consumer consent,' attorney Ira Rothken told CNET," writes CNET News' Elinor Mills. "The suit accuses Carrier IQ of violating various federal and state laws, including the California Anti-Spyware Statute and the right to privacy provision of the California Constitution."

"A separate suit filed in that court yesterday against Carrier IQ and phone makers HTC and Samsung also alleges violations of the Federal Wiretap Act and California's Unfair Business Practice Act," Mills writes.

Go to "Carrier IQ faces lawsuits, lawmaker seeks FTC probe" to read the details.

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