Barracuda Floats Cloud Generation Firewalls


Barracuda Networks today unveiled its updated NextGen Firewall and Web Application Firewall offerings, or "Cloud Generation Firewalls," are that are built for the way cloud-enabled applications are built and delivered today.

IT network and security professionals are no strangers to firewalls and the protections they offer enterprise networks and applications, then again neither is Barracuda. However, problems arise when enterprises assume that their on-premises firewall deployment strategies will also work on the public and hybrid clouds that are increasingly absorbing their application workloads.

Many organizations "struggle with how to move their security controls from on-premises to the cloud," Tim Jefferson, vice president of Public Cloud at Barracuda, told eSecurity Planet. Having served as head of security and networking business development at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jefferson has a unique, if not intimate, perspective on the security challenges faced by companies when they move to the cloud.

Established firewall practices based on tightly-coupled environments fly out the window when IT security personnel discover that many of the networking services "just don't exist in public cloud architectures," complicating efforts to secure their applications. Licensing costs can also prove cost-prohibitive when they realize traditional approaches aren't a good fit for cloud consumption models.

Barracuda solves this by aligning its firewall products with how cloud-first companies operate. According to Barracuda blogger Christine Barry, the company's NextGen Firewall and Web Application Firewall embrace the following cloud-friendly traits:

·         Leverage cloud-native management and monitoring tools

·         Take advantage of cloud-native architectures for automated deployment and scaling

·         Offer API integration to use traditional Agile development tools in the cloud environment

·         Offer consumption-based pricing as well as traditional firewall pricing for business flexibility

As an example, Barracuda NextGen Firewall can be consumed as metered billing service in AWS Marketplace. Meanwhile, Barracuda Web Application Firewall features a Puppet integration within AWS, allowing applications to be tested and secured during the application delivery process, according to the company.

Barracuda's Cloud Generation Firewall push comes a week after the company announced it had acquired Sonian, a cloud archiving and analytics specialist. Sonian's technology will boost Barracuda's capabilities surrounding email security, archiving and backup, particularly for Office 365 users. Last month, the company launched its cloud-based Active DDoS Prevention service, which integrates with Web Application Firewall, to help businesses protect their application servers from debilitating DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.