The latest security technology and best practices to secure cloud-based data, networks, applications, and systems.

  • Data Storage Security: Best Practices for Security Teams

    Data storage security involves protecting storage resources and the data stored on them – both on-premises and in external data centers and the cloud – from accidental or deliberate damage or destruction and from unauthorized users and uses. It’s an area that is of critical importance to enterprises because the majority of data breaches are… Read more

  • What is Serverless Computing Security?

    Serverless computing is among the newest trends in cloud computing and also among the most complex. And as with any new technology, particularly a complicated one, serverless computing also brings with it new technology risks. With serverless computing, cloud computing is expressed at its most pristine level, without the need for organizations to run any… Read more

  • How Netflix Secures AWS Cloud Credentials

    LAS VEGAS – Netflix has long been the poster child for being an “all-in-the-cloud” organization. The streaming media service relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for infrastructure and computing resources that it uses to operate. With AWS being a public cloud, resources can be shared and there are also multiple sets of credentials and access… Read more

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