15.3 Percent of US PCs Have Unpatched Operating Systems

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Secunia recently published a series of Secunia Country Reports examining the state of security on personal computers in the US, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The reports are based on data from millions of users of Secunia's Personal Software Inspector.

One key finding in the US report is the fact that 15.3 percent of all US PCs have unpatched operating systems, and 7.6 percent of all programs on the average PC are unpatched.

The report also states that 65 percent of US PC users who have Sun Java 6 installed haven't patched it even though it has known vulnerabilities and a patch is available, and 37 percent of US users who have Apple QuickTime 7 installed haven't patched it, even though it contains 26 vulnerabilities and a patch is available.

"It is one thing to know how many vulnerabilities are present in the software we all use, and how quickly vendors push out patches when the vulnerabilities are discovered, but if the patches aren’t applied to the vulnerable software they are as useless as a bandage that’s left in the box," Secunia vice president of business development Maria Eriksen-Jensen said in a statement. "The data in the Secunia Country Reports documents that the share of unpatched programs on private PCs is substantial and therefore a very real security concern."

The full series of Country Reports is available here.