ESET PROTECT Advanced Review: Features & Benefits

ESET might not have the name recognition of some other long-time cybersecurity companies, but at around 30 years old, the Slovakia-based company has been around longer than many of its rivals.

And like other old-guard companies, ESET knows it needs to innovate to stay competitive, which the company has done with its cloud-based endpoint protection platform, ESET PROTECT. The company has earned a mention on our list of top endpoint detection and response (EDR) products, and its recent strong showing in MITRE testing affirmed that the company is one to watch.

With a multi-layered approach to endpoint protection, the ESET PROTECT Advanced solution fits small to medium-sized businesses and offers advanced EPP capabilities, full disk encryption, and an automated sandbox for dynamic threat analysis. Equipped with the tools to fight the latest zero-day threats, PROTECT Advanced offers organizations a quality network security solution with the brand name to back it up. 

This article looks at the key features and benefits of the ESET PROTECT Advanced solution.


The PROTECT platform is ESET’s solution for the hybrid infrastructure era. As organizations adopt more cloud and virtual workloads, tools like PROTECT are critical to transitioning from on-premises systems and protecting the digital infrastructure. Administrators can quickly deploy ESET and configure policies to meet network security objectives through the cloud-based management console.

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Tools and features that come with ESET PROTECT Advanced include:

Full Disk Encryption

ESET’s FileVault Management is the vendor’s full-disk encryption tool for preserving the integrity of network data. Administrators can use FileVault to remotely execute full-disk encryption across Windows and Mac systems and secure encrypted system disks, partitions, or entire devices.

Using the vendor’s native encryption engine, PROTECT Advanced supports Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and OPAL self-encrypting drives. In a year where ransomware and supply chain attacks raised cybersecurity alert levels, increasing regulatory compliance means organizations will have to step up their data protection efforts. Full-disk encryption significantly reduces this challenge as it is one of the safest methods for protecting critical systems.

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Caption: The PROTECT dashboard shows encryption options for administrators. Provided by ESET.
The PROTECT dashboard shows encryption options for administrators. Provided by ESET.

Dynamic Threat Defense (DTD)

Dynamic Threat Defense (DTD) is ESET’s fully automated cloud-based sandbox to meet the modern era’s sophisticated attack techniques, including zero-day threats and ransomware strains. DTD offers a critical protection layer for investigating suspicious traffic before it enters the network using machine learning and behavioral analysis.

The DTD sandbox fully simulates actual machine behavior for all physical and virtual hosts, giving malicious files the chance to launch in an isolated environment while critical segments stay protected. Tools like ESET LiveGrid offer the visibility and threat intelligence to query potential threats against hundreds of machines and validate their relevance or identify a spoofed signer.

ESET DTD gives administrators another manageable layer of protection and a headstart in dynamic threat analysis, forensic analysis, and remediation.

The Dynamic Threat Defense sandbox highlights flagged behavior. Provided by ESET.
The Dynamic Threat Defense sandbox highlights flagged behavior. Provided by ESET.

ESET Competitors

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Recognition & Reviews

On Gartner Peer Insights, ESET has almost 600 reviews for its flagship solution for endpoint protection platforms giving the firm an average of 4.6 / 5 stars. Highlighted features included the onboarding process, ease of deployment, and product capabilities like OS support, malware accuracy and effectiveness, managed services, and performance impact on endpoints.

In 2019, ESET was named a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. For the Forrester Wave, ESET continues to receive praise in multiple industry segments:

  • Strong Performer – ESS (2019)
  • Leader – Endpoint Security Suites (2018)
  • Strong Performer – Robotic Process Automation (2018)
  • Strong Performer – Endpoint Detection and Response (2018)
  • Strong Performer – Endpoint Security Suites (2016)

In the latest MITRE evaluations in May, ESET scored a 90% protection rate against malware samples used in traditional AV testing and advanced adversarial attack simulations.

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PROTECT Advanced Pricing

The ESET PROTECT platform is available in packages for Entry, Advanced, Complete, and Enterprise customers. Advanced sits in the middle of the PROTECT platform plans and is perfect for SMB organizations. While the Entry plan starts clients with endpoint protection and file server security that is manageable via the cloud-based console, Advanced adds full disk encryption and the DTD cloud-based sandbox.

Interested business customers can try PROTECT Advanced for free for 30 days before starting an annual subscription. ESET offers instant quotes on licenses for up to 3 years and 100 devices or less on its website. Selecting a multi-year plan and increasing the number of devices comes with cost savings with custom quotes for contracts over 100 machines.

The smallest available quote covers five devices for a 1-year license at $248, or approximately $50/device/year. Clients that go with 100 devices on a 3-year license would pay $7,560. At just $25/device/year, the cost-savings are strong when scaling and committing to ESET.

ESET: Company background

ESET’s roots start in 1987 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (Slovakia), developing its first anti-virus software, NOD. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, ESET was formally established in 1992 and later started subsidiaries in the United States (1999), Czech Republic (2001), Poland (2008), and Canada (2012). With 30 years of anti-virus and endpoint protection experience, the vendor continues its threat research with 13 R&D centers worldwide.

In 2015, ESET made its sole acquisition of UK-based DESlock, a provider of encryption solutions for businesses. With over 1,000 employees, ESET’s security solutions serve over 110 million users and 400,000 business customers.

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