Bitdefender vs. McAfee: Consumer & Enterprise Endpoint Security Software Compared

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Endpoint security software is designed to detect, avert, and eradicate malware on endpoint devices like desktop computers, laptops, network servers, and mobile phones. Endpoint security solutions are available in three forms—personal, small and mid-sized business (SMB), and enterprise use.

Enterprises are constantly scaling to meet growing customer needs—with an explosion of endpoints and data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure endpoints, and remote work has only added to the challenge. If our personal data or confidential enterprise data falls into the wrong hands, bad actors could create havoc.

Cyberattack-resilient solutions are critical for both personal and enterprise use. Key features of endpoint security solutions include:

  • The ability to identify the type of malware attacking an endpoint
  • The ability to run scans both manually and at scheduled intervals
  • Automatic updates to ensure an endpoint is protected against the latest cyber threats
  • A variety of internet safety features, including a warning when you are about to enter a potentially malicious website and blocking automatic, malicious downloads
  • For enterprises—and a growing number of consumer antivirus solutions—machine learning (ML) and behavioral-based detection are increasingly important for stopping unknown threats. Those features are even trickling down to the consumer market.
  • Enterprise endpoint security typically includes additional features like patch management, central management of devices, and the ability to shut down threats detected on a central console

Enterprise endpoint security tools include endpoint protection platforms (EPP), which are like enterprise-class antivirus solutions, and endpoint detection and response (EDR), which is a central management tool for endpoint security. Enterprise security vendors typically merge the tool into a single endpoint security platform.

In this guide, we will explore the best consumer and enterprise endpoint security software that Bitdefender and McAfee offer. Bitdefender and McAfee are unusual in that both made our lists of the best EDR and best antivirus tools – but McAfee has split its enterprise and consumer businesses so they are no longer one company. That will likely require technology licensing arrangements for some time to come.

Both companies share another important trait – they’ve both posted strong results in independent security evaluations, giving users some additional peace of mind.

BitdefenderBitdefender logo

Bitdefender has been protecting millions of consumers and businesses since 2001 and is a global leader in cybersecurity.

It has Bitdefender Premium Security as an excellent endpoint antivirus software for consumer use and Bitdefender GravityZone Elite as a top endpoint security solution for enterprise use.

Bitdefender Premium Security

As the name suggests, Bitdefender Premium Security is a premium endpoint antivirus solution that offers malware protection, unlimited virtual private network (VPN) traffic, and priority support for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS endpoints.

Key Differentiators

  • Bitdefender Premium Security encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic on your devices with its VPN solution to protect against cyber threats across operating systems (OSs) and provides comprehensive online anonymity.
  • Bitdefender Premium Security is compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • The software offers multilayered protection to keep your endpoints safe from all types of existing and new cyber threats. Protection features include anti-spam, anti-fraud, anti-phishing, web attack prevention, vulnerability assessment, advanced threat defense, and complete real-time data protection.
  • The antivirus software reacts to online threats in real time to ensure there is no compromise to the performance of your system. Performance features include battery mode; the ability to speed up your devices; game, movie & work profiles; global protective network; Bitdefender Photon cloud-scanning service; and autopilot.
  • Bitdefender Premium Security takes care of your personal information and online privacy with features like file shredder, password manager, anti-theft, privacy firewall, parental control, safe online banking, webcam protection, anti-tracker, and unlimited VPN traffic.
  • You can download a 30-day free trial or purchase the software for $69.99 for up to 10 devices on an annual subscription.

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite is a next-generation endpoint protection platform (EPP) that is enhanced with human risk analytics. The platform integrates endpoint protection, attack forensics, and risk management and protects your organization from a wide range of sophisticated cyber threats.

Key Differentiators

  • Bitdefender GravityZone Elite provides integrated next-generation security for physical, cloud, mobile, and virtual endpoints and email, including endpoint hardening and risk management; attack forensics and visualization; and user behavior risk analytics.
  • The endpoint security platform provides multiple layers of defense with over 30 ML-driven security technologies.
  • By adding the human element to your security environment, Bitdefender GravityZone Elite helps minimize management overhead and gives you ever-present visibility and control.
  • User behavior risk analytics helps identify user behaviors and actions that pose a threat to your organization, like using compromised USB drives, poor password management, using unencrypted web pages to log in to websites, etc.
  • The platform leverages ML to predict and block advanced attacks. Bitdefender HyperDetect, for example, contains stealth attack detection and ML models to block fileless attacks at the pre-execution stage. Other technologies that incorporate ML include Sandbox Analyzer, Global Protective Network, Content Control, and Scanning Engine.
  • Attack forensics and visualization enable you to view the organization’s threat landscape in greater detail and zero in on threats that require immediate attention.
  • With risk management and analytics, your endpoints are continuously scanned for application vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The platform duly makes recommendations for remediation and prioritization.
  • Bitdefender GravityZone Elite provides a library of ransomware prevention and mitigation and network attack defense technologies, including Fileless Attack Defense, Advanced Anti-Exploit, Machine Learning Anti-Malware, and Hyper Detect.
  • You can protect up to 100 devices with GravityZone Elite on a one, two, or three-year subscription. For 100 devices, a one-year subscription costs $4,063.49, a two-year subscription costs $6,702.49, and three-year subscription pricing is $9,341.49.


Founded in 1987, McAfee – now under the Trellix name after merging with FireEye – is a leading endpoint protection vendor that protects over 600 million endpoints globally. In recent months the business split into consumer and enterprise businesses.

McAfee Total Protection is a well-known endpoint antivirus solution for consumer use, and MVISION Endpoint Security is a top endpoint security platform for enterprise use.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is a robust endpoint antivirus software for personal and family use that safeguards your privacy and personal data and enables you to navigate securely online. The software includes Premium Antivirus, Secure VPN, and Safe Browsing. McAfee Total Protection Ultimate is the most cost-effective and feature-strewn package available.

Key Differentiators

  • All packages include Premium Antivirus, Firewall, Secure VPN, PC Optimization, Safe Browsing, Expert Security Support, Identity Protection Service, File Shredder, and Password Manager.
  • The software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS environments.
  • The endpoint antivirus software provides personalized feedback in the form of a Protection Score to keep you safer. Protection Score shows you the features you have not set up, helps correct any weak spots in your security with straightforward instructions, and shows how safe you are online.
  • The solution’s multi-layered identity protection feature helps secure your personal information and finances. The software alerts you if your information is leaked online and automatically generates and stores complex passwords.
  • With secure VPN, you can turn unsecured networks into your own private connection to browse, shop, and bank without worry.
  • Color-coded links expose fraudulent and dangerous websites on social media pages and search results. If you accidentally click on such a website, the software will steer you clear of danger.
  • In addition to what McAfee Total Protection Single and Basic offer, McAfee Total Protection Pro offers Parental Controls, and McAfee Total Protection Ultimate offers Parental Controls and Identity Theft Insurance.
  • You can purchase McAfee Total Protection Single for personal use (one device) at $34.99, McAfee Total Protection Basic for multi-device use (five devices) at $39.99, and McAfee Total Protection Pro for family use (ten devices) priced at $44.99. McAfee Total Protection Ultimate enables you to protect unlimited devices for $69.99.

MVISION Endpoint Security

MVISION Endpoint Security helps you future-proof enterprise defenses with proactive, intelligent endpoint security and integrated extended detection and response (XDR). The five pillars of the endpoint security platform are prevent, detect, investigate, respond, and manage attack surface.

Key Differentiators

  • Proactive risk management powered by MVISION Insights preempts attacks before they happen. MVISION Insights assesses the security posture of your enterprise based on its unique risk profile and configuration, provides threat intelligence, and prioritizes steps to proactively prevent threats.
  • Enhanced remediation and dynamic application containment capabilities help reduce security gaps and immediately act on threats, detect and protect against script-based and fileless attacks, and enable real-time threat intelligence with ML behavior classification to uncover zero-day attacks.
  • Through powerful artificial intelligence-guided (AI) investigations, you can make sense of data and reduce alert fatigue.
  • Other integrated endpoint detection and response (EDR) controls help with detection and response to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and include high-fidelity detections and MITRE ATT&CK Tactics and Technique alignment.
  • You can empower security operations (SecOps) with proactive, data-aware, and open XDR for complete attack lifecycle management.
  • You can respond to threats confidently with endpoint orchestration and proactive and dynamic investigation guides.
  • With real-time sharing and trigger actions, you can accelerate responses and automate security workflows.
  • You can manage all your security needs from a unified view.
  • Contact the McAfee sales department for pricing information, but based on the reseller market, pricing falls in the range of $30 to $80 per endpoint, depending on features selected, with discounts based on volume.

Bitdefender vs. McAfee: Which is Best?

We compared endpoint security products from Bitdefender and McAfee on a head-to-head basis.

For enterprises, Bitdefender gets the edge in pricing, while McAfee users report better experiences with integration and support. Both rank equally well for detection and ease of use, but Bitdefender otherwise has the edge in overall capabilities.

Bitdefender seems most popular with small and mid-sized businesses, while enterprises might prefer the breadth of McAfee’s security offerings.

Bitdefender topped our consumer antivirus list because of its advanced features, but McAfee can likely be had at lower cost.

Evaluate both to determine which is best for you, but both offer security protection that should give you confidence.

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