European Power Grid Hit by Cyber Attack

German power grid operator 50Hertz recently acknowledged that its Internet communications systems were taken offline by a cyber attack two weeks ago.

“‘It was a DOS (‘Denial Of Service’) attack with a botnet behind it,’ Boris Schucht, the CEO of 50Hertz told EurActiv on the fringes of a Brussels renewables conference. ‘It blocked our internet domains so that in the first hours, all email and connectivity via the internet was blocked,'” writes EurActiv’s Arthur Neslen.

“The source of the attack appears to be Russia and Ukraine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that actors from these states are actually behind the cybercriminal campaign,” writes Softpedia’s Eduard Kovacs.

“Talking to heise online, 50Hertz said that Akamai’s Site Defender software was ‘successfully used’ to combat all three attacks,” writes The H Security’s Falk Luke. “Although no infrastructure that is relevant for power transmission is thought to have been affected by the attack, EurActiv reports that the incident was discussed at an assembly meeting of the European Network of Transmission Systems Operators for Electricity association.”

Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman has been a technology journalist for more than 20 years and an eSecurity Planet contributor since 2009.

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