Walgreens Acknowledges Insider Breach

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Walgreens recently began notifying an undisclosed number of customers that their personal information may have been stolen by a former pharmacy employee in Atlanta, Ga., between March 3, 2014 and April 14, 2014, and provided to a third party.

When the breach was discovered on April 14, 2014, the employee was fired and a police report was filed.

The stolen data may have included the affected customers' names, birthdates, and Social Security numbers in the form of Medicare ID numbers.

"Please be assured that there was no impermissible access of our computer systems by outside parties," Walgreens divisional vice president Joel Wright wrote in the notification letter [PDF].

All those affected are being offered one free year of access to Experian's ProtectMyID Elite service.

Customers with questions are advised to contact (866) 312-8654.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.