University of Tampa Acknowledges Security Breach

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Three files containing sensitive data on University of Tampa students and staff were made publicly available online for approximately eight months by mistake.

"One of the files contained the records of 6,818 students, including IDs, social security numbers, names and birthdates," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "The other two contained the same information, along with 29,540 faculty, staff and students’ photographs, the data being collected between 2000 and 2011."

"It has been determined that the data breach resulted after three temporary files were created to resolve a UT identification card issue that emerged in July 2011, when a new server was set up," Kovacs writes. "The file that contained the records of nearly 7,000 students was indexed by Google, but the other two may have been found only by someone who knew what to look for."

Go to "University of Tampa Exposes 30,000 Individuals, Server Error Blamed" to read the details.

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