U.K. College Mistakenly Exposes 1,000 Students' Data


West Briton reports that the U.K.'s Penryn College recently sent a weekly summary of students' commendations and a report of behavoral incidents to more than 1,000 students by mistake (h/t DataBreaches.net).

"The mistake was reported as soon as it happened," Penryn headteacher Marie Hunter wrote in a notification letter [PDF] to parents and guardians. "Although the e-mail was immediately 'recalled,' the technical process takes 30 minutes. During this time, a small number of students using computers would have been able to open the e-mail and forward it, which meant that these copies could still have been in circulation."

At least one student forwarded the e-mail from their school account, one parent told the college that he had seen a copy of the e-mail, and the local newspaper the Falmouth Packet was forwarded a copy of the e-mail by an unidentified source.

"The College takes its responsibilities for protection of data extremely seriously and apologizes unreservedly for this error," Hunter wrote.