Two Former Pret a Manger Employees Charged with Identity Theft

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Two former employees of Pret a Manger in Manhattan were recently indicted in connection with a credit card skimming operation aimed at stealing customers' identities (h/t DataBreaches.net).

"These days, it's more likely that a New Yorker will have credit card information stolen at an ATM, a parking garage, a restaurant, or a shop than be mugged in a darkened alley," Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., said in a statement.

Nigel McCollum, 22, allegedly recruited other staff members to skim more than 100 customers' credit card numbers over a period of several months.

A search of McCollum's apartment yielded two card skimmers, two encoding devices, an embosser, stacks of blank cards, hundreds of forged credit cards in McCollum's name, and several forged cards in the name of co-defendant Lenica Greene, 23.

The two allegedly used customers' stolen information to forge credit cards in their own names, then used those cards to make personal purchases.

According to the Daily News, McCollum made more than $10,000 from the scheme.