Temple Community Hospital Acknowledges Security Breach

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Temple Community Hospital in Los Angeles recently began contacting approximately 600 patients to let them know that a computer used to store CT scan images was discovered stolen from a locked office on July 3, 2012.

"The information contained on the computer consisted of pictures of CT scans performed this year, the reason for the scan, the patients’ names, the ordering doctor’s names, and the patients’ hospital account numbers," the hospital said. "There was NO financial information, social security numbers, or personal contact information on the computer."

"The [hospital] doesn’t say whether the data was encrypted, but it’s safe to assume that the omission of that information means it likely didn’t have software safeguards," writes EHR Intelligence's Patrick Ouellette.

"The data included scans that occurred between Jan. 1 and July 2," writes The Los Angeles Times' Anna Gorman. "The hospital has back-up copies of the scans."

"The hospital did not report as to whether the patient data has been accessed on the computer," writes Becker's Hospital Review's Kathleen Roney.

Temple Community Hospital says it "has continued to upgrade its security measures to help prevent future untoward events such as happened in July" -- without explaining specifically what steps are being taken.