Stolen Laptop Exposes AppleCare Customers' Data

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AppleCare Insurance Services recently began notifying an undisclosed number of people that their personal information may have been exposed when a laptop belonging to a licensed insurance agent of AppleCare, doing business as Golden Outlook, was stolen on January 1, 2014.

The laptop contained the names, birthdates, mailing addresses and Social Security numbers (usually shown as Medicare Health Insurance Claim Numbers) of people who had either discussed health plans or enrolled in a health plan with the agent.

"Upon discovery, we investigated the matter and reviewed the backed-up contents of the laptop computer's hard drive to determine what information was contained in it," AppleCare vice president and general manager Michael Blea wrote in the notification letter [PDF]. "We have filed a police report. We will also take appropriate employment actions against the agent at issue."

"We are reinforcing our existing policies and practices with employees and evaluating additional safeguards to help prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future," Blea added.

All those affected are being offered one year of free LifeLock identity theft protection services, and are being advised to monitor their health benefit statements, bank and credit card statements and tax returns for any suspicious activity.

Customers with questions are advised to contact (888) 839-7948.