South Carolina Breach Now Affects 3.8 Million Taxpayers

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The South Carolina Department of Revenue has announced that the number of South Carolina taxpayers whose Social Security numbers were accessed in a recent security breach has risen from 3.6 million to 3.8 million.

"The state Department of Revenue also said tax records from up to 657,000 businesses and companies who have filed a state return since 1998 were exposed in the breach of its computers, which was first disclosed publicly by Governor Nikki Haley on October 26," writes Reuters' Harriet McLeod. "The department had put the number of taxpayers who had records compromised at 3.6 million but raised the total as part of an investigation that includes state police. 'That's the final tally for now. The investigation is still ongoing,' said Samantha Cheek, the department's spokeswoman."

"State Department of Revenue officials initially put the number of hacked Social Security numbers in tax records at 3.6 million. ... Cheek said ... that number was an early estimate, and she confirmed that the tally has since grown," writes The Post and Courier's Glenn Smith.

"Gov. Nikki Haley announced Wednesday afternoon that, as analysts have been going through the data packet that was accessed by a hacker, they discovered that businesses were also affected," WSPA reports. "As a result, they will also get free credit monitoring. Starting Friday at 8 a.m., Dun & Bradstreet Credibility will give South Carolina businesses that have filed a tax return since 1998 a credit alert product that will help them stay alerted to changes in their scores or ratings and other indicators of fraudulent activity."