Snapchat Hacked

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A group of unidentified hackers recently claimed to have leveraged a security flaw in the Snapchat app to access 4.6 million Snapchat users' phone numbers and user names (h/t PCMag.com).

The hackers made the data available at SnapchatDB.info with the last two digits of each phone number redacted "to minimize spam and abuse," but the site has since been taken down by its hosting provider.

"You are downloading 4.6 million users' phone number information, along with their usernames," the hackers wrote. "People tend to use the same username around the Web so you can use this information to find phone number information associated with Facebook and Twitter accounts, or simply to figure out the phone numbers of people you wish to get in touch with."

"Feel free to contact us to ask for the uncensored database," the hackers added. "Under certain circumstances, we may agree to release it."

In a statement provided to TechCrunch, the hackers explained, "Our main goal is to raise public awareness on how reckless many Internet companies are with user information. It is a secondary goal for them, and that should not be the case. You wouldn't want to eat at a restaurant that spends millions on decoration, but barely anything on cleanliness."