Security Breach Affects 6,000 City of Milwaukee Employees


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a flash drive containing thousands of City of Milwaukee employees' personal information was stolen when the car of an employee of a city contractor was stolen on October 22, 2013 (h/t

According to the Journal Sentinel, the car belonged to an employee of Dynacare Laboratories, which works with Froedtert Workforce Health, which contracts with the city.

The flash drive contained approximately 6,000 city employees' names, addresses, birthdates, Social Security numbers and genders, along with the names of approximately 3,000 spouses and domestic partners of those employees.

Dynacare didn't notify the city's Department of Employee Relations of the theft until November 15.

"Obviously, when we got this information, we were outraged," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett told the Journal Sentinel. "How in God's name could you put this information, this important information about city employees, on a flash drive? This should be secure information that is protected for city employees."

Dynacare plans to offer all those affected a one-year free membership in an identity theft protection program.