Russian Hackers Allegedly Stole 54 Million Turkish Citizens' Data

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According to the Hurriyet Daily News, a Turkish researcher recently claimed that Russian hackers have stolen approximately 54 million Turkish citizens' ID numbers, addresses and last names (h/t Softpedia).

That's over 70 percent of the country's current population.

The newspaper reports that Bekir Agirdir, general manager of the Turkish research firm KONDA Research and Consultancy, said at a recent meeting to evaluate upcoming local elections that Turkey's Supreme Election Board had provided the data to every political party in 2011.

Some political paries, Agirdir said, then simply uploaded all the information online, where it was easily accessed by hackers.

The problem appears to be widespread. A recent report on data protection by Turkey's State Audit Board stated that the country is failing to protect its citizens' personal information, due both to public institutions' general indifference about data security and the lack of a legal framework for data protection.

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