Most Enterprises Are Hit by a Cyber Attack Every Three Minutes

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According to FireEye's 2H 2012 Advanced Threat Report, most enterprises currently experience a malware event once every three minutes.

Due to their high concentration of intellectual property, tech companies far exceed the average, experiencing malware events as often as once a minute.

The report states that spear phishing is the most common method of initiating malware attacks, using common business terms such as "UPS" to trick victims into opening attachments. In fully 92 percent of such attacks, the malware is delivered as a ZIP file.

"Tactically, the fact that 92 percent of attachments in email attacks are ZIP files should encourage serious debate on how to filter such files in corporate networks," FireEye researcher Rob Rachwald wrote in a blog post.

The report also examines methods used to avoid detection, such as malware that executes only when the user moves a mouse.

"Today, malware writers spend enormous effort on developing evasion techniques that bypass legacy security systems," FireEye senior director of research Zheng Bu said in a statement. "Unless enterprises take steps to modernize their security strategy, most organizations are sitting ducks."