Maryland College Gets $5 Million NSF Cyber Security Grant

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Maryland's Prince George's Community College recently received a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

"The four-year NSF grant, announced in late September, continues a partnership between the agency and the community college," writes ITworld's Grant Gross. "In 2005, the NSF gave the college a grant to set up a regional program called CyberWatch, which [has] grown to a consortium of 95 colleges and universities and about 50 companies and other organizations focused on educating future cybersecurity professionals."

"The [CyberWatch] program, which focuses on the Greater Washington metropolitan area, has received about $8 million to date, including the original $5 million grant that started the program and the first $2.7 million installment of the new grant, the center’s director, Casey O’Brien, said Monday," writes Gazette.Net's Lindsey Robbins. "The remaining $2.3 million is to be distributed in fiscal 2014 and '15, he said."

"The award is a testament to the hard work and accomplishments of the CyberWatch team at Prince George's Community College," Charlene M. Dukes, president of Prince George's Community College, said in a statement. "The grant extends the CyberWatch Center's scope and prominence and serves as validation of the great work already done."