Hospital Worker Gets 65 Months for Identity Theft

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Angeline Austin of Montgomery, Ala., has been sentenced to 65 months in prison on several counts, including fraud in connection with computers and aggravated identity theft.

"Austin, 41, worked as a contract employee at the Troy Regional Medical Center records office when she stole the identities of more than 800 current and former patients," writes The Montgomery Advertiser's Scott Johnson. "Between June 13, 2010, and March 25, 2011, Austin worked for Southern Records Management, a company that contracts to manage other companies’ business data, court records state. Austin stole names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth and sold that information for between $6,500 and $8,000. The stolen identities were used to file fraudulent tax returns in a large identity fraud conspiracy responsible for the theft of about $1.6 million in taxpayer money."

"At the sentencing hearing, one of the victims, whose identity Austin stole, testified that he used to work at a defense contracting company making over $100,000 a year," writes AL.com's Erin Edgemon. "His job at the defense contracting company required him to maintain a top secret security clearance. As a result of Austin stealing his identity, his credit was severely impacted and his security clearance was suspended. Because his security clearance was suspended, he was fired from his job. He now works at a fast food restaurant making minimum wage. Further, a member of the Air National Guard, his military duties have been scaled back because of the suspended security clearance."