Health Clinic Employee Charged With Identity Theft

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The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) recently announced that it's investigating a former DSHS Mount Pleasant clinic employee who is alleged to have stolen credit card and other personal information from clients.

The former employee, Selena Patino, was arrested on January 4 on fraud and credit card abuse charges. She had worked in the DSHS Mount Pleasant clinic since 2008, then was hired by the Northeast Texas Public Health District in October 2012. She was fired on January 3.

"Titus County sheriff’s deputies said they began looking for Patino after they received multiple complaints from county residents during the first week of 2013," writes The Longview News-Journal's Richard Yeakley.

"Investigators determined that Patino assumed the identity of clients receiving immunizations and other services at the Texas Department of Health and Human Services on N. Jefferson in Mount Pleasant," writes The Daily Tribune's Lou Antonelli. "She used this client information and applied for credit cards online and -- once approved -- made as many purchases as the credit card would allow."

"The list of individuals that had their information stolen is still growing and authorities believe it to be in the hundreds," writes KLTV's Kerri Compton.