Hacker Crashes Google Play Twice

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CNNMoney reports that Turkish hacker Ibrahim Balic crashed Google Play's Developer Console twice in recent days while testing a vulnerability he'd uncovered (h/t PCMag.com).

In a blog post, Balic said the vulnerability enables a malformed APK file to freeze an Android device. He notified Google Security of the flaw, but then, he says, he couldn't resist trying it out.

"I really didn’t want to cause any damage but I couldn’t stop my feelings and I wanted to test it on Google’s Android Bouncer by uploading the malformed APK to Google Play," Balic wrote. "Then I realized that it caused Denial of Service on Google Play!"

"I didn't have any malicious aims," Balic told CNNMoney. "I am so sorry for this damage."

On Reddit, a commenter suggested in response, "It's quite something what you did, but I would also get a lawyer to be safe."