Google Mistakenly Identifies Twitpic as Malware

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Google's malware checker recently identified Twitpic as a threat, though the company soon corrected the false positive.

"The search company blocked access to Twitpic and any photos hosted by it from its popular browser Chrome as well as from search results in other browsers, rendering millions of Twitter accounts inaccessible for several hours," writes News.com.au's Petra Starke. "Web users trying to view content on Twitpic, or even Twitpic's own Twitter account, instead got a grim message from Google. 'Content from Twitpic.com, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware,' the notice read."

"TwitPic responded to the firewall, claiming that there was no malware issue and that it was attempting to contact Google in order to lift the block," T3 reports. "As of Sunday night the malware warning had been lifted and access to TwitPic had been fully restored."

"The Web giant's Safe Browsing API is designed to protect its users from malware and other attacks," notes CNET News' Steven Musil. "Google said in June that it finds about 9,500 new malicious Web sites each day, either innocent ones that have been compromised by hackers or sites built specifically to distribute malware or for phishing. It also said it sends several million warnings every day to users of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari about malware and phishing on sites the users are about to visit."