Doctor Allegedly Bypassed Biometric ID Using Silicone Fingers

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G1's Gladys Peixoto and Fernanda Lourenco report that a doctor in Sao Paulo, Brazil was recently arrested after being observed using silicone fingertips to fool a biometric scanner and clock in for several of her colleagues. The police, who had apparently been following her after receiving an anonymous tip, seized six silicone fingertips when they arrested her.

Thauane Nunes Ferreira, 29, an employee of the Brazil's Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU), was allegedly part of a scheme that involved 11 doctors, 20 nurses, and munipical coordinator Jorge Cury.

Ferreira apparently confessed to the crime, but her lawyer said Cury had told her it was requirement for her continued employment -- the only reward she received for doing it, he said, was that she was allowed to keep her job. Cury says he has no knowledge of the scheme.

According to O Globo, Ferreira said each participant in the scheme paid Cury a fixed fee, then claimed to work five shifts per month but only worked one.

Ferreira faces up to six years in prison for falsification of public documents.