Bulgarian Credit Card Fraud Gang Dismantled


Europol recently announced that a year-long investigation into a Bulgarian credit card fraud gang resulted last week in the arrests of three people in Italy and four in Bulgaria.

A total of 25 people involved in the scam have been arrested, and an additional 21 have been detained and charged. Police have seized a total of 250 skimming devices, 2,000 blank credit cards and more than 50,000 Euros in cash.

The operation was coordinated by Italy's Comando Carabinieri Antifalsificazione Monetaria, with the support of the cybercrime department of the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security. Specialists from Europol's European Cybercrime Center (EC3) assisted by analyzing phone bills and hard drives linked to the gang.

"The criminals were highly organized, and they were traveling across the world to fraudulently obtain cash from ATMs using data which they had obtained via skimming devices in different European countries," Europol said in a statement. "Fraudulent withdrawals were committed in Indonesia, the USA, Bali, the Dominican Republic and Kenya."