Bangladesh Air Force Suffers Massive Data Breach

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Hacker Evil-DZ h4x0r recently breached the Bangladesh Air Force's recruitment Web site, and published an enormous amount of user data online (h/t Cyber War News).

The hacker published basic server information on Pastebin along with a single admin user name and password and the statement, "Love tO-: Found C0de - Fcmam5 - 16Dz - Aghilas - Elite-tr0jan - Yacine Jocker - Marwane - 0XeN - Bx1 - Original-DZ - xDjamil - Gel-DZ - Soli# - Gabby - Inter_Pol - JIGsaw - T0x!C - King Of Pirates - Hacker-Fire - H3ll-DZ - Virus.DZ - Dz Phoenix & ALL Algerian Hackers."

The Pastebin post also includes a link to a file on Dropbox. According to Cyber War News, that file appears to be a full database extraction, containing more than 110,000 names, contacts, family members' names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords.