Aultman Hospital Acknowledges Data Breach

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Ohio's Aultman Hospital recently reported that credit card and debit card information was stolen from its gift shop.

"Aultman Hospital, a non-profit hospital located in Canton, Ohio, United States, learned that hackers gained access to credit card data stored in hospital's gift shop between February and September 2012," writes E Hacking News' Sabari Selvan.

"No patient health information was affected," The Press-News reports. "Upon learning of the security breach, Aultman Hospital took immediate steps to investigate and resolve the situation. Aultman notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities, including the Secret Service and the Canton Police Department. Aultman replaced the hardware affected by the breach, and retained a forensic auditor to assist with the ongoing investigation. At this time, Aultman does not know how many individuals were affected by the breach, but the breach appears limited to the gift shop. Aultman's bank has coordinated with the credit card companies so that the relevant credit card holders will be notified, if appropriate."

"Consumers will not be held liable for fraudulent charges if they identify and report charges to their credit card company, the hospital’s statement said," CantonRep.com reports. "People who made purchases at the gift shop should review their credit and debit card statements for signs of fraudulent activity. If they find suspicious activity on the statements, or have reason to believe their information is being misused, they should notify their bank or card issuer immediately."