Arcadia Home Care Acknowledges Insider Breach

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Arcadia Home Care & Staffing recently began notifying an undisclosed number of employees that their personal information may have been accessed inappropriately by an independent contractor (h/t DataBreaches.net).

"The security breach stems from the unauthorized access of your personal information by Mr. Charles E. Symes, II and his new business 'Alegre,'" Arcadia vice president Kathleen Bulgarelli wrote in the notification letter [PDF]. "Mr. Symes had previously obtained access to your employement information under strict agreements and protocols that he had with Arcadia."

According to Bulgarelli, Arcadia "has a reasonable belief" that Symes used his access as a contractor to Arcadia's database to steal Arcadia employees' personal information, including their names, Social Security numbers, addresses, bank account information, driver's license numbers and other data.

"Arcadia does not know if your personal information has been or will be misused by Mr. Symes and his group, but we do know that Mr. Symes and his new group have made fraudulent misrepresentations to Arcadia's employees and clients," the notification letter states.

In response to Arcadia's allegations, Symes provided DataBreaches.net with the following statement: "This is a civil matter in which Arcadia is trying to get leverage by filing complaints with the Attorney General. There is a lawsuit pending in Michigan over these issues and we look forward to the Court there deciding the case."