Al Qaeda Sites Taken Down by Cyber Attack

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The Christian Science Monitor reports that five key online forums promoting al Qaeda were taken down two weeks ago by an apparent DDoS attack, and remain largely offline.

"The simplicity of the mode of attack and its timing is leading some experts to suggest that the US is 'not at the top of the list' of potential perpetrators -- it could have made such an attack years ago," writes the Christian Science Monitor's Mark Clayton. "Instead, experts say, another country might be testing out its cyberwar capabilities against an enemy with few friends."

"Shumukh al-Islam, regarded as one of the terrorist network’s two main sites, went down March 22 and stayed offline for most of the past 13 days," writes the Washington Post's Ellen Nakashima. "When it returned Wednesday, it was accompanied by a message stating that 'the enemies of Allah . . . attempted to target' the forum 'with a failed, miserable campaign.'"

"Despite the blackout, a number of the terror group's cells have remained active," reports The Hill's Carlo Munoz. "Members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the group's cell based in Ywen, claimed responsibility for the murder of an American citizen working in the country. However, without access to their websites, the actions of AQAP and other cells -- and the impact those actions have on the public -- has been marginalized to a certain extent."